Saturday, October 25, 2003

More thoughts

The Yankees next year are going to be a mess. Actually, they were a mess this year, but played in a weak division and got by. Weak you say? Yeah, weak. The Red Sox pitching was absolutely deplorable, even with that great offense. And the Yankees, BARELY beat them. The Blue Jays are next competent, but with a limited payroll they just can't compete. And then the other two jokers.

The Yankees really fucked themselves by depending on free agents, and not depending on a farm system. Their farm system has produced Nick Johnson in recent years, and Soriano. Johnson is basically a bust, Soriano will be seen as a bust because of this playoffs, and any GM will be under pressure to get rid of him by the insanely powerful, and insane, New York sports media.

The free agent worship made for injuries galore, while the Marlins were able to break every sabremetric rule in the book and overpitch and overplay their starters. David Wells, Giambi, Williams, all are shadows of themselves and past their primes. Jeter is suffering through a bum shoulder and might have surgery in the offseason. Mr. Clutch he wasn't, and the laws of statistics never being wrong, his overrated post season stats became normal regular season stats with an 0-4 performance today. Nice error as well.

The "best fans in the world" as Jeter is fond of saying in every goddamn interview, will quickly turn into the Long Island thick accented animals we're used to, and beat up on Steinbrenner so much that he'll threaten to move the team to Vegas or something, like he did in the 80s, when the team went on their biggest drought in history, when he threatened a move to Florida.

Steinbrenner I expect will fire the following: Torre, Zimmer, Cashman, entire coaching staff.

Giambi is signed through the year 2008, Jeter through the year 2010!!! Now our Kevin Malone is starting to look sane. What was he thinking? Williams is signed through 2005, Posada through 2006, Mussina through 2006, Weaver (WEAVER??!!) through 2006. Not only are all these guys past their prime, they also must be bought out a year after their contracts, at reduced prices, but still in the millions of dollars. This is a team that clearly is barely capable of getting to the Series, and not capable of winning it. Not to mention Contreras is through 2006, and Matsui through 2005. Egad. ALL of these are increasing with every year as well. By 2006, Steinbrenner will have a payroll I estimate, of 456 million dollars, complete with the Devil Rays and Padres as back up teams that he can draw upon for the 40 man roster in the playoffs.

Ok, now for the real predictions: Vlad Guerrero in right, Millwood in the staff, and Tejada at second, with Soriano at left. Or maybe Jeter to 2nd after his fuckup, and demotion to mere player with Captain status removed. Whatever. It'll make for a VERY interesting off season, and Steinbrenner is going to do his DAMNDEST to make the luxury tax more and more of a joke. At least for him.
It's over

If you would please take your PCS Sprint Phone for our latest poll, who is most likely to commit Hara Kiri or Samurai ritual suicide after the game:

A) Derek Jeter

B) George Steinbrenner

C) Joe Torre

D) Hideki Matsui

Psycho Steve and I are rooting for D, Tim is going for B for some reason. Anyway, we'll check back later to see the poll results.
The insanity continues

More of my insane quest to look at every free agent who I think could fit in the Dodgers. Of course starting pitchers, and catchers will not be analyzed.

Jose Guillen--Played amazingly for the A's and Reds this year. But his previous career years have been terrible. The question is whether this is a career year, or the beginning of something good. Too risky in my opinion.

Miguel Tejada--He's going to be VERY expensive, and probably the most expensive free agent of the season. Really not worth it in a bidding war, for a guy who only hits 800 OPS. But we CANNOT allow Izturis to continue another day at this position.

Ricardo Rincon--Decent relief pitcher, but getting a little old. Worth a look since Beane liked him.

Steve Sparks--Mediocre relief pitcher. Not worth it.

Armando Benitez--Super expensive, very talented relief pitcher. Not worth it at that price, no reliever should be paid that much.

Shigetoshi Hasegawa--Super overrated relief pitcher, rivals Dreifort and Evl Kneivel for most bones broken in a career. Nope.

John Mabry--Mediocre back up outfielder. We have Cabrera who is better.

Edgar Martinez--Too old, too expensive, can only DH. Not worth it.

Mark McLemore--Back up shortstop. Too old, and too expensive, and can't play all year.

Arthur Rhodes--Ok relief pitcher, but getting up there in years. A tad bit expensive, but might be worth a look.

Rey Sanchez--Old and hits like Izturis. Not worth it, we need something else at shorstop.

Ben Grieve--A young DH/Right fielder who hits between 700-800 OPS. Not really worth it, can't seem to field well.

Travis Lee--Solid 1st baseman who sort of represents Spiezio, and just came off a great year, so he might regress. Again, if we move Green to first, ignore him. But definitely WORTH a look.

Al Martin--Mediocre DH, not worth a look.

Rey Ordonez--Didn't really get a chance this year, but in limited time was about twice as good as Izturis. A little old, but let's give him a chance. For God's sake can't you see we have to get this little Caesar shitball off our team!!!

Carlos Reyes--Mediocre relief pitcher. Not worth it.

Terry Shumpert--Too old, and not really much better than Cora. Not worth a look.

Juan Gonzalez--JUAN GONE, the legend. Just had a terrible season this year, beset as usual by injuries. Basically he hasn't played a full season in two years. VERY expensive, but it might be possible to knock him down a peg or two. If we can get him for under 10 million, then worth a glance. Otherwise, forget it.

Rafael Palmeiro--Yes we need a first baseman, and he's quite capable, but he just came off a severe decline in stats, and is a ticking time bomb for injuries like McGriff. Tempting, and though he is a Hall of Famer, he just should not be picked.

Raul Mondesi--Hmmm. Well he can still hit. And we need someone in the field. I'm convinced he lied about his age, and is really older. So that means his skills will collapse at some point, and he'll get injured. He's also VERY expensive. There's got to be better options out there, and younger.

Mike Myers--Mediocre Canadian comedian who found success stereotyping British in movies. Not worth a pick up as a relief pitcher.

Ok that's all for now. More eventually....
Do they deserve it?

Now that it doesn't look good for the Yankees, the sports articles are being written by the massive New York media, as to how the Marlins don't really DESERVE to win a world series, since they didn't come in first. Baseball is somehow different from every other sport, where it is TOTALLY inevitable that the best team will win all the time. OK whatever.

Everyone seems to have forgotten the massive elephant in the room, it's called CHEATING. Every year, the Yankees CHEAT. EVERY FUCKING YEAR. By having an enormous payroll that allows you to make total fuck ups like Contreras, and Weaver be on the roster, and to a lesser extent Matsui, and STILL win the division, that's called CHEATING. That means you don't ever finish in fifth or have to rely on your farm system like all the other teams. Oh gee, I really feel sorry for this team.

You reap what you sow, and the Yankees are reaping older free agent acquisitions who simply can't take the physical stress of the playoffs. Giambi could very likely pull a Brad Fullmer, and tear out his knee. Both guys played through their knee injuries by DHing, and both are very muscular (read roid ripped), dudes, who put a lot of stress on their joints by their massive frames. David Wells is 40. And Contreras is really 50. By having a farm system that has produced only Nick Johnson in recent years, you run into trouble. I don't know if I really count Soriano as a farm system acquisition, he was more of a buy from Japanese minor leagues.

So if the Yankees lose the series, and like the good classy team they are, fire Cashman, Torre, let go half the team, and Steinbrenner gives a cuss word laden rant of insanity on national television, just remember, that maybe, just maybe, the Marlins kind of deserved their win.

Friday, October 24, 2003

More Free Agent analysis

I've decided to be smart, instead of stupid, which is always a good thing. Plus I'm lazy. Instead of going over EVERY free agent available, I'm only going to look at guys who the Dodgers have a NEED for. That means starting pitchers, and catchers aren't going to be analyzed, since we have plenty of those. Really shitty 3rd basemen and relievers won't be either.

Deivi Cruz--Shortstop for Orioles. Would go for about a million, but a minor improvement over Izturis. Sub-700 OPS hitter. Worth it if we can halve that salary which is unlikely.

Wilson Alvarez--What a comeback, like Liza Minelli! Am I the only one who thinks what we saw this season was a fluke? Odalis Perez looks like the guy on the chopping block for trade bait since we have too many starters, but what's more likely? This guy going down on injuries AGAIN, or Perez? He's better than Perez when healthy, but he just doesn't seem to take care of himself as well as Perez. Let's see if we can't re-sign him and trade him, or just let him go. Bound to get a huge payraise anyway. If this isn't a showcase of Evan's pitching eye, I don't know what is.

Ron Coomer--Was this a joke? This butterball was on the team, and I guess he was there for a laugh, until they realized he was taking up a roster spot. Let him go please.

Rheal Cormier--Very good relief pitcher, but a little pricey. Worth a look.

Rod Beck--The ULTIMATE redneck. Pitched very well this year for the Padres after basically exiting baseball. Cheap, worth a look definitely.

The names above were players I missed with the last names beginning with A-F. Now I found a better free agent list then the one I was using before and it lists the free agents by team, so that will be the new order.

Eric Owens--Poor hitting back up outfielder. Hits worse than Roberts, so no thanks.

Scott Spiezio--Ok, so he won the world Series single handedly. He hits well, but is known more for his defense. I think we should all be hoping for Green to move to first, and in that case we should be gunning more for right fielders than first basemen. We could get him cheap though. Is a wannabe rock star, and his music is beyond terrible, which makes me hate him a little.

Kerry Ligtenberg--Ok relief pitcher. Might be worth a look.

B.J. Surhoff--Is baseball a lifetime sport or what? This guy is 40. Let's not and say we did.

Todd Jones--Not impressed with his stats as a relief pitcher. Nope.

Scott Sullivan--Expensive relief pitcher. Too rich for my blood.

Frank Thomas--If he could play at first base then I'd say go for it. The problem is he'll be 36 next year, and there's just no way he could be an every day first baseman at this age. Huge comeback season though. His salary is a lot lower than people realize, he only makes five million a year. For a guy who hits better than Shawn Green, now you know how insane Malone was to sign him to a 14 million dollar contract a year.

Jose Valentin--Expensive, but enormous improvement over Izturis. Maybe we should grab him, but only if he takes a paycut. He's also getting up there in age.

Shane Halter--Too expensive, and shittier than Belte at 3rd. Played for the Tigers, so he's cursed.

Raul Ibanez-- GRAB THIS GUY. Right now we have NOTHING in left field, he's relatively cheap at 3 mil. Won't hit as well as broken knee Jordan, but will not go down with injuries.

Curtis Leskanic--Too expensive, but capable relief pitcher. If he's cheap grab, but that's unlikely.

Joe Randa--Is he really that much better than Beltre? Doesn't hit for power as well, and his OPS is about 80 points higher. While that is an improvement, Beltre is still SO young, and will probably improve. Not worth it.

Michael Tucker--Average hitter, but cheap. If we replaced as many players as we could with 1-2 million dollar players who can hit, and play most of the season, we'll improve significantly. Worth a look.

Rondell White--I'd rather have Raul Ibanez. This guy is capable of hitting well in the outfield, but he's also capable of hitting really shitty. Too much of a risk.

Chris Gomez--About as bad as Cora, but older. Nope.

Eddie Guardado--Expensive relief pitcher, but then again, aren't they all. Worth a look.

LaTroy Hawkins--Really GOOD relief pitcher. But too expensive. Will probably have bidding war for him.

Denny Hocking--Cora's better, which is frightening.

Jesse Orosco--Please. 87 year old relief pitcher, good for 1/10 of an inning.

Shannon Stewart--This guy is good. He's going to be VERY expensive though. I think Raul Ibanez would be better, because he'll be so much cheaper. If we were the Yankees, I'd replace him for Matsui.

Felix Heredia--Might scoot under the radar. Very cheap and capable relief pitcher. We always need to bolster the bullpen, so worth a look.

Jeff Nelson--Mr. Violent. Too old in my opinion. There are better options.

Antonio Osuna--Ok relief pitcher who the Yanks left off their playoff roster. Too expensive for the results.

Ruben Sierra--Too old to play a fielding position, and overrated at DH. Not for NL teams.

Ok that's enough for now, I'll continue some more tomorrow, or later tonight.

Kobe's return

I didn't watch the game last night, because I have this THING against pre-season anything. Kobe evidentally played OK, considering in a year he'll be playing on a cement court behind barbed wire. The fans at the Pond pretty much showed their enthusiasm for Kobe, and what they would do if that 19 year old hussy DARED to show her face at Disneyland.

I'm glad that a fan-base is coming behind Kobe, just like the So-Cal fanbase was behind OJ until he went on that Bronco ride through the freeways with a gun to his head. So long as Kobe doesn't do anything stupid like show up to practice with white rings around his nose, a facial tatoo, or kill his wife, I think everything will be cool at home games. I expect a stupid fan or two to put up some kind of nasty poster up when he plays away, or booing when his name is announced everywhere else. The real question is how his playing ability will be under the pressure. Well, thank God half the games are at home, maybe we can bench him for the other half.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Free Agent News

Royce Clayton and Glendon Rusch both were let go by the Brewers. Rusch is terrible, Clayton is too, but Izturis, my favorite Venezuelan comedian, is just so fucking bad that anyone at shorstop is an improvement. Allegedly Clayton is hard to work with, so expect him on the Dodgers next year, and a lockerroom brawl to result.
Pork and Beanes

The Beane rumors are growing every day, with the LA Times reporting that Frank McCourt's kid will run the Dodgers with the help of Beane. Lil' McCourt is 22, so he'll probably use his position to get laid, and do coke with the players.

With the Beane rumors reaching fever pitch, and Beane expressing his distaste of working with the A's small payroll, people should realize that if Beane comes to the Dodgers, this is McCourt's way of getting the Dodgers to win whilst lowering payroll. McCourt basically sees Beane as a cure-all, and most of the media and fans believe that Beane will be put atop a large payroll, like any other big market GM. I just don't believe that is so. McCourt doesn't have strong financial backing, he's starting to sell some of his Boston properties in the middle of a recession, so he needs money. He won't be able to afford 100 million in payroll every year. He most likely sees Beane as a solution to lower the payroll and still have success.

This could be a good thing. Remember, Malone, the totally insane ex-GM of the Dodgers went beserk with an enormous payroll, but was moderately successful with the lower payroll Orioles. I think power goes to GM's heads, and an enormous payroll makes for errors. With a fiscal ceiling, Beane might not be getting the deal he wishes he had, but he'll still have more breathing room than at Oakland. Of course Green/Dreifort/Brown's contracts are on the books till 2005, so I figure the next two years will be rebuilding years no matter what Beane wishes otherwise.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Clemen's wife is HOT

And they've been together for 18 years? They also said that his kids all have names that begin with K, for strikeouts. Good to know Roger is insane both on and off the field.
Even more free agent analysis

Onward and upward! Again and again!

Carl Everett--Played a great season this year, everyone's favorite black religious psychopath not named Farrakhan, he was part of a salary dump by the Rangers. He has a really bad history of injury issues, but when healthy he can hit. Speaking of hit, earlier this year he was bonked by a cell phone from a fan, so if we took him, he might get by a bowling bowl when he visits the Giants. Very tempting to pick up, but with his injury history, he might be another Brian Jordan.

Damion Easley--The Tigers dumped him, so that gives you an idea.

David Eckstein--Probably won't be re-signed by the Angels. I'd be interested in hiring just because he'll be cheap, and I'm curious as to who the shortest player in the league is, him or Lo Duca, and when they take the team photo, I'll finally know. He's better than Izturis, but then again, so am I when on drugs.

Scott Elarton--Bad starting pitcher, who's numbers weren't helped by Colorado's elevation. Nope.

Mark Ellis--Hits better than Cora, and is a lot cheaper. Beane picked him up. Anything is an improvement over Cora, so worth a look, if we can't afford anything else.

Juan Encarnacion--The current right fielder for the Marlins. He'd probably ask for between 4-5 million. Not really that good of a hitter, and if we're going to move Green to first, it might be best to get someone good. Then again, Green is terrible in right, so he's worth a look. Pretty much never had a bad year, but never had a great year either.

Morgan Ensberg--Whoa. This guy came out of nowhere and had an AMAZING season at third base. But it's only one season. I'm sure the Astros are going to re-sign him, but if not for some crazy reason, we should grab him, and move him to 1st or replace Beltre with him.

Kelvim Escobar--Has the last name of a druglord, but isn't nearly as badass. Mediocre relief pitcher, and we don't have those on the Dodgers.

Bobby Estalella--Shitty back up catcher. We have a good back up catcher. Move along.

Shawn Estes-- Shitty starting pitcher for the Cubs. Didn't play much in their playoff series to give you some idea. Their version of Ashby.

Scott Eyre--Average relief pitcher for the Giants. Again, this isn't our weak point, and we should go for something cheaper.

Keith Foulke--Good reliever, Beane picked up. Worth a look if they let him go.

John Franco--One of two vampires who plays in the MLB (the other is Orosco). These guys are OLD, and they still can play. Franco is STILL good.

Brook Fordyce--Below average catcher for the Orioles. Lo Duca is better.

Kyle Farnsworth--The Cubs will probably re-sign him, and he'll be expensive, but he's talented. Too much for us though.

Carlos Febles-- Totally shitty second baseman who makes Cora look like Joe Morgan. Nope.

Pedro Feliz--Doesn't have the power of Beltre, but seems to have better plate discipline. On the other hand, isn't full time, and has had seasons much worse than Beltre in limited playing time. Let the Giants keep him.

Mike Fetters--I think he retired. Really fat.

Robert Fick--One of the attempts by the Braves to have a first baseman. Not very good, in fact Karros-esque. Nah, move Green instead.

Jeremy Fikac--Mediocre relief pitcher. Beane had a fuck up.

Tony Fiore--Shitty reliever, no thanks.

John Flaherty--Really old guy who catches. Nah.

Andy Fox--Old guy trying to be a shortstop. Izturis is almost as bad.

Chad Fox--Played terribly last night as the relief pitcher for the Marlins. Not bad though usually.

Julio Franco--Platooned with Fick at first base. VERY OLD. Please God don't hire another old man at this position.

Matt Franco-- Yet another old guy who plays first.

Ryan Franklin--Good pitcher for the Mariners. Would look at if we didn't have a surplus of good pitching ourselves.

Wayne Franklin--Mediocre pitcher. Nope

Brian Fuentes--Good pitcher for Colorado. Worth a look to bolster our bullpen for sure.

Brad Fullmer--I know they say he can't field, but neither could McGriff and teams kept giving him jobs. Like I said, he'll be cheap, and he's worth a platoon with Chen. Really.

Aaron Fultz--Terrible relief pitcher.

Rafael Furcal--Pretty damn good shortstop, has shits bigger than Izturis, he's so much better. If the Braves don't get him, we should. Let's not get into a bidding war for Tejada or Matsui version 2.0. Let's grab this guy.

Ok, I need to take a break, I'm seeing double. We'll see if I do more tonight.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Game 3 was tonight

After the Simon Cowell incident, I passed out spread eagle on the couch and awoke to my dog nibbling on my ear, which is his signal that he has a full bladder. I did nothing and went back to sleep.

The Yankees really suck the soul out of baseball, don't they? New Yorkers love to be on top of everything, on top of America, biggest city, city most likely to get mugged in, city most likely to be target of terrorist attack. And now city most likely to win a World Series. Is this a good thing? The ratings are up this year, ever so slightly, over the last Series that had that AAA team from Orange County beat the Bay Area Chokers. Wow, is that a surprise to anyone?

I don't hate the Yankees, but I look at a sport that consistently draws more in attendance, and more in ratings and revenue every year: football. Football really dominates the scene of American life, much more so than Baseball and basketball, and it has what is known as parity. Last year's good team the Raiders, are this year's jokes, and last year's jokes the Chiefs, are this year's good team. And it works. Here in LA, we pretend there is no football, we buy only Japanese cars, and we live 40 miles from where we work. Not like the rest of the country. Believe it or not the Lakers aren't well loved outside of this city, and it might not be good for that team to win it every year, or at least come close to winning every year. So after watching this sleeper (and by that I mean knocked me the fuck out) of a World Series, maybe it's time for some wealth distribution to occur and stop these Bronx Cheers from winning the damn thing every year.
Simon Cowell?!?!

Why would anyone ask a fucking limey about the great American pastime, as they did in Game 3 tonight? Would I ask an American about bad teeth, sallow skin tone, and an inbred royal family? Sheesh.

The SBC phone dude is freaking me out. In LA, the only people who wear black trenchcoats are flashers, and I'd rather not have a flasher talk to me about my cell phone. Can't they change up the commercials a bit? They're starting to act like junk emails.

Monday, October 20, 2003

More rumors

Latest rumors have Glenn Hoffman, our 3rd base coach going to the Red Sox. Enjoy! I have seen this guy screw up several times this season. He also have something like 10 kids (same wife), which if that isn't odd I don't know what is.

The Beane to LA rumors are stronger than ever. I think it's just in time too, because after Mulder, Zito, or Hudson leave for richer pastures, that team is gone. With the A's winning constantly, they're really stuck with bad draft choices, just by the nature of the game. Basically, Selig is right. I still hate the guy, but he is right. You can't constantly win in baseball with that small of a payroll. And you certainly are hard up to advance deep into the playoffs. The A's are VERY well managed, and Beane is obviously super talented. But one thing I've noticed is that the division in which the A's play, is very weak. The Rangers are totally mismanaged, the Angels and Mariners aren't much better either. The Rangers and Angels are basically cycle teams like the Mets, they have a small window in which a lot of their players get their shit together, and with a little luck, they win a Series, or go to the playoffs a couple times. And then, they expand, go on a buying spree and basically collapse. I think the Angels might not have reached the bottom yet.

The Mariners made ZERO mid season acquisitions this year, and their GM resigned. So that leaves Beane. I guess the point I'm trying to draw here is this: If he comes to us, he won't have much competition. We have the Padres in our division for God's sake.
Day two of Free Agent analysis

More of my insane effort to look at all the big free agent possibilities for 2004.

Brian Buchanan--I LIKE this guy. As I look at our team more and more, I think we have two choices, fire virtually every position player we can, and try and find solid players to replace them, but not with stand out free agents, or fire SOME guys, and hire really expensive free agents. The latter choice is insane and stupid, the former choice is the way to go. Buchanan can hit on the west coast, he plays right field, we should grab him. If we can turn all our position players to average 800 OPS, we can win the division. GRAB this guy.

Eric Byrnes--Ok center fielder, a Beane pick. If he will take about the same salary as Roberts, I'm all for it. Roberts is a nice guy and all, but jesus, we need some pop in those bats if you get my drift. As far as I'm concerned, anyone who has an under 700 OPS on the team needs to take a hike.

Mike Cameron--YeeeeeeHAH! This guy's going to be a biggun. He earned over 7 million last year, with about the same skill level of hitting as Byrnes. Malone would have had a boner over this overrated player, Evans and Beane would have said no way. At least I think Evans would have said no way. I say, NO WAY. He's a favorite on the Dodger official message board, which should be reason enough to NOT touch this guy. Also reported to have eye problems, and wears contacts. WAY too expensive. Remember how well Seattle did in this year's playoffs? EXACTLY, they didn't go. No way Mike.

Vinny Castilla--Another third baseman who is inferior to Beltre. One would think, for all the Beltre bashers out there on the radio and on the non-stathead boards, Beltre was the anti-christ. A CURSORY analysis of the 3rd basemen around shows that he is actually decent, and for his age, VERY talented. Beltre over this guy.

Bartolo Colon--Talented starting pitcher, who practiced pitching as a kid by throwing seeds at trees in the mountain village he lived in. Speaks no English. He's sort of like a fat Wilson Alvarez. Meaning he's enormous. We have a surplus of pitching talent thankfully, and he's too expensive, but I hope he's on the Dodgers someday. Highly underrated.

Jose Cruz Jr.--He's not technically a free agent, but the chances of him in a Giants uniform, are about the same as Bill Buckner being hired to manage the Red Sox. He's not that good of a hitter, but he's in his prime years, and looking for a team willing to take a chance on him. We could have him for cheap, he's honestly not that bad defensively (yes I saw the game), and will probably have some sort of career year soon. Capable of hitting over 30 homers, easy. Grab him if possible. Nothing better than former Giants destroying their old team.

Jolbert Cabrera--To sign, or not to sign. Somewhat pricey for a utility guy, but VERY capable. He can play every position, including audience member. I was worried that he'd be the resident coke dealer since he was from Colombia, but my mindless stereotyping was put to rest by a solid performance all year long. The better of our two utility guys, Kinkade, and him. Hopefully we can re-sign him.

Orlando Cabrera--Had a career year this year, which shows that the GM of the Marlins Omar Minaya, really has a good eye. Cabrera is the brother of Jolbert, and as usual we go the shittier of the two brothers (anyone remember Chris Gwynn, or Ramon Martinez)? Jolbert though is solid, and so is Orlando. Orlando probably won't be as good this year as he was in '03, but we do have a non-player at second base, so he's worth a look. Expensive though.

Miguel Cairo--Older and shittier than Cora. No thanks.

Mickey Callaway--Part of the break down of the pitching staff of the Angels. Cool name, sounds like a mobster, but plays like shit. Nope.

Ron Calloway--Mediocre left fielder on Expos. Nah.

Giovanni Carrera--More proof that Evans has a very good eye for pitching, when to buy and when to dump. And this guy got dumped. Good one Evans, here's hoping the Dodgers keep you through next year.

Jamey Carroll--Yet another starting 3rd baseman shittier than Beltre. Nope.

Lance Carter--Relief pitcher for Devil Rays, one of several AAA teams allowed to play in the MLB. Allows too many homers. Next.

Luis Castillo--I talked about him below. Way overrated, and way expensive. Loved by the Dodger message board.

Juan Castro--Fidel's bastard son plays second base for the Reds. How fitting. Better hitting than Cora, but cheaper. Cora played so bad this year, and we paid him over a mil, that maybe if we can maintain the same level offensively, but save a few hundred grand, we should go with guys like these.

Ramon Castro--The OTHER catcher on the Marlins. Not impressed, and we have a catcher surplus. Next.

Frank Catalanatto--Wow. Hugely underrated left fielder. We'd be fools not to look at him.

Raul Chavez--Again, we have a catcher surplus, though he is good.

Brady Clark--Spotty right fielder. Not worth a look.

Jermaine Clark--Another bad Clark. This guy sucks.

Jesus Colome--Average relief pitcher. Looks mean in his photo.

Steve Colyer--I know him! Seemed ok in his limited starts. Needs work, but he's young. Give him a chance.

Clay Condrey--Couldn't make the Padres, so that gives you an idea.

Jason Conti-- Terrible right fielder. We've got our 15 million dollar version, thanks.

Alex Cora-- Should NOT be re-signed. There are plenty of guys out there who can hit this well, for half the price. Good defensively, so let some other fool have him, like the Giants. They seem to like infielders who can't hit (Neifi anyone?).

Francisco Cordero--Probably the only good relief pitcher on the Rangers. Let's steal him so the Rangers look really bad.

Wil Cordero--Hit or miss first baseman, who we could get for cheap, and who might hit well, but might not. He did well in '03, so will probably collapse in '04. Besides we need Green at first, and there are a lot more options available in the outfield among free agents. First basemen don't have to be power hitters, it's just that the few big roid hitters there are tend to play first base.

Juan Cruz--Not good starting pitcher. Nope.

Nelson Cruz--Terrible starting pitcher. No way.

Jeff D'Amico--Again, we have enough starters.

Brian Daubach--Ok first baseman, but getting old. Green should move to first and have priority.

Joe Dawley--Beyond terrible relief pitcher. Couldn't find his photo, might be a prank.

Valerio de los Santos--Not good relief pitcher.

Wilson Delgado--Old man masqerading as a middle-aged man. Possibly worse than Izturis. Possibly. (That would be the equivalent of finding the Ark of Covenant in your back yard by the way).

David Dellucci--I know you! You were on the Yankees! I saw you on TV! What's your name again?

Mark Derosa--Hmm, about as bad as Cora, but cheaper. Worth a shot.

Mike Difelice--We got enough Hundley for today.

Brendan Donnelly--The SCAB! Very talented relief pitcher who started late. Angels will probably keep him.

Octavio Dotel--decent relief pitcher. If we don't have enough with our current stable, and minor leage system, maybe worth a shot. Expensive though.

JD Drew--Has a running bet with Darren Dreifort on how many surgeries they can get before they stoop to a full body transplant. Very talented, but the injuries are too much.

Erubiel Durazo--A solid find by Beane. Seems to be more of a first baseman, but has played in right field. Might not fit on the Dodgers, but he can hit. Maybe he can play in left.

Jayson Durocher--NO.

Done with the D's as I promised. Why am I doing this again?

My day has been ruined. Dodger Thoughts author Jon Weisman, and Baseball Primer authors Eric Enders, two VERY GOOD writers, (who put me to shame regularly) have a breakdown in analysis about Shawn Green's surgery. Basically the news is: NOT GOOD. In other words, he's fucked. He'll essentially never be the same player he was before. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who's realistic about life, so this was a TOTAL SHOCK to me. Shawn Green isn't really a power hitter, he's a guy blessed with a sweet finesse swing, where if any part of his body breaks, he's screwed. I thought he was being a selfish player when he advocated moving himself into the retirement position, AKA first base at the ripe old age of 31, but now I know, he is probably done, and we have no choice. Being as highly paid as he is, no one will trade for him, especially after his performance this year. Well, at least that shores up our problem looking for an every day first basemen. Green is a huge investment, and the team really needs to look into not having him play EVERY single day. God this is heartbreaking. Another year of shittiness.

One last thought: Perhaps we should move Green to left field. Not as harsh on him defensively, and my favorite other lazy outfielder, Garrett Anderson, has done wonders there. We'll see.
More free agent news

J.T. Snow might become a free agent. I think our experiment with old washed up white first basemen is over so I would look past this guy. Luis Castillo has hired Scot Bora$$ as his agent, at though a solid hitter, and rather young, the fact the Borass is his agent makes him extraordinarily expensive. Looking at his stats, he really hasn't had a good year since 2000, but he is young. He seems to be asking 20 mil over three years, making him the equivalent of a Peugeot, or possibly an Alfa Romeo. Meaning, no fucking way we hire him.

The Giants also dumped Eric Young, who actually hits about as well as Castillo, maybe a little worse. He still seems capable of playing a full season, if they can grab him for under a mil, it might be worth it. But he is OLD.

The LA Times has reported today that the Dodgers basically are doing nothing, and waiting for the sale to go through. Selig of course has stopped everything. I don't see how this is constitutional, or legal, which of course means the same thing. A sale, is a sale, is a sale. Already teams are making trades and deals, and we're stuck with our dicks in the wind. Wonderful.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Dodger Kid: The Special Edition

Whenever something is old hat, they spice some new stuff up, and then repackage it, raise the price by at least 10 bucks, and put it on DVD. I'm going to do that here. For the next few days, and possibly weeks, I'm going to go over most, if not all the free agents that will be available on the market for the 2004 season. I'll also be analyzing the World Series games, if I care enough (which I probably won't.) As I go over the free agents, my goal is to express my opinion as to whether the Dodgers should pick them up, or let a silly team with no chance in the playoffs pick them up, like the Brewers.

Here are the free agents who's last name begin with A.

Roberto Alomar-- This guy was making 8 million with the Mets until they punted his ass to the White Sox. At one time, it was undeniable that he was the best second baseman in the majors, and possibly a hall of famer. Though he would be an improvement over Alex Cora, so would Lassie be. Alomar is hitting about as well as Cora, and would cost four times as much. He basically should retire. If things continue the way they've been going, I expect him in Dodger blue next year, and a fifth place finish in the division.

Andy Ashby-- Bye bye stick man.

Pedro Astacio--A 34 year old starting pitcher past his prime. No thanks, got plenty ourselves.

Rich Aurilia--He's not being re-signed by the Giants, Sabean has already said as much. ANY LIVING SOUL would be an improvement over Izturis, hell even a cricket bowler would be an improvement. Aurilia will never hit as well as he did in 2001, but even if he were to have a spotty season, he'd probably hit an OPS 100 points higher than the ghost we currently employ. He's risky because he does get injured, and he'd probably ask for something in the 4-6 million dollar range. Right now we pay Izturis league minimum. If we could get Aurilia for close to 4 mil, I'd say sign the guy. Nothing I love more than irony of ex-Giants beating that team for us.

Brad Ausmus--I think Lo Duca is somewhat overrated, but his decline in stats was largely the fault of Tracy not platooning much more aggressively with Ross. Ausmus is on the Izturis level in terms of hitting, and he's old. Do not touch this man, plus he's an Ivy Leaguer, and I hate those guys.

Terry Adams--Pretty damn good reliever if you ask me, might be Shuey-esque. As strong as our bullpen is, it can always be bolstered, and this guy looks like a good pick up. I wouldn't be surprised if the Phillies pick him up as they're about to increase payroll. Unlike the Dodgers, they're serious about making the playoffs.

Antonio Alfonseca--A Cub reliever, he performed pretty shitty in the playoffs. We probably won't make the playoffs for a few more decades, but we might as well pretend we're serious and not grab this guy. And he makes 4 mil a year, which seems a little pricey for a reliever.

Sandy Alomar--No thanks, we've enough over the hill back up catcher.

Brian Anderson--Pretty solid starting pitcher. I'm biased against starters, because I think the Dodgers have a surplus. Any other season, and I'd say grab him.

Tony Batista--Huzzah! An inferior 3rd baseman to Beltre has been found. Do not fucking touch por favor.

Marvin Benard--A four million dollar right fielder who is past his prime. We already have one of those, and we pay ours 15 MILLION. That'll show those Giants. I don't think this is what Shawn had in mind when he (oh so generously) volunteered to move to first base, to replace him out there. Do not buy.

Armando Benitez--Pretty strong reliever, but very pricey. He'll probably be in hot demand, as he's in his prime, and very capable. We need one, maybe two more pitchers for our bullpen, so we probably shouldn't look at this guy, though he is good.

John Burkett--Wow, this guy is still alive? I'm pretty sure we're satisfied with our own 38 year old starter, so we'll leave this dude alone.

Jeromy Burnitz--That helicopter bat swing got PRETTY old fast, then I realized it wasn't a joke, but actually me witnessing the degradation of what was once a decent hitter into a retiree. Burnitz seemed like a good guy in interviews, cared about the team, and was probably someone you could have a drink with. Which of course does not make him Dodger material. He's over the hill though, and even if we were big on club house chemistry, we shouldn't sign him. Unless he wanted a bench roll for a WAY reduced salary.

Carlos Baerga--He had a pretty good season this year, BUT, he's old, can't play every day, and has had Cora-type seasons in the past. He's cheap though, but I'd rather see Izturis go then Cora, Cora has a small upside offensively.

Paul Bako--Nope.

Brian Banks--Average hitter, might make for a solid utility guy, but we do have a good utility bench, we just need good starters.

Rod Barajas--Nope.

Mark Bellhorn--Beltre's better.

Ron Belliard--Has a disgusting habit of chewing dirt when he plays, and spitting continuously. Also a little overweight. Though he hit better than Cora, he's had TERRIBLE seasons before. Plus he played in Colorado this year, so his stats are overrated. No to this guy.

Jay Bell--Good god no.

Carlos Beltran--GRAB THIS GUY. He goes for about six million. Undoubtedly will improve and demand more money. As far as I'm concerned we have no left fielder, and Roberts can either move to left, or quit the team. Hopefully we'll pony up the bucks for him, I think he was one of the big reasons why the Royals did well this year.

Adrian Beltre--I plan on doing a deep analysis of Beltre sometime in the future. He's a very interesting player, and the ONLY position player we have who has an upside. What's frightening is that he may have plateaued, but it's a plateau that is average. If we can blast his salary down by a few hundred grand, we should do it. WAY better than a lot of 3rd basemen on the market right now. He's so young, and many players START their careers in the MLB at 25, he's already got SIX under his belt.

Gary Bennett--No way.

Jason Bere--Solid, rather cheap experienced reliever. Might be a sleeper because he was on a losing team. Dodgers should check out.

Dave Berg--No way, Cora's better. That bad.

Rocky Biddle--Young, relief pitcher, shows promise, but might be better just to hope and pray our farm system can produce a backup-backup reliever.

Casey Blake--Beltre's better.

Henry Blanco--No way, we already have our fill of old men.

Geoff Blum--Beltre's better.

Hiram Bocachica--NO WAY. Former Dodger, nuff said.

Aaron Boone--He'll probably be picked up by the Yankees, for his little exploit this year in getting to the Series, but he's honestly not that much better Beltre, and six years older. The Yanks will have him for '04, and he'll shock em with a bad year most likely.

Pat Borders--Good God no.

Mike Bordick--The fact that I wouldn't hesitate to hire a 39 year old over Izturis gives you some idea as to how bad Izturis is. This guy can still hit too, but at this age his injuries are in question. If we can get him cheap, Dodgers should do it.

Joe Borowski--Good relief pitcher, who played well in the playoffs. Cheap too. Worth a look.

Micah Bowie--Beane thought he saw something, but it didn't pan out. No thanks.

Chad Bradford--Looks like a solid reliever, and the A's bullpen used him a bit. Worth a look, another solid Beane pick.

Darren Bragg--Ummm, no.

Russell Branyan--Not very good. Maybe as a utility guy, but I think our utility guys played pretty well. Especially since they played about as well as our starters. God what an embarrassment.

Ben Broussard--I think he's a free agent, but not entirely sure. Anything, including Eddie Gaedel would be an improvement at this spot. This guy reminds me of Spiezio, an average hitter with a good glove at first base. Historically we haven't had too strong of hitters in that position, but COMPETENT hitters. Worth a look.

All right I'm getting tired. I'll continue on with the B's and try to get through the D's as well. Email me if you have any other free agent ideas. On to game 2 of the Series! Yawn.
I hate

...the title of this blog. But I can't change it, now that I've written all this crap. I should have called it Dodgerdork, or something. Oh well. The excitement behind this World Series is much weaker than for the playoffs, practically no one it seems cares. I watched until the 8th inning when I had to go to a party. It was a solid game, no blowouts, basically a pitcher's duel of sorts. Those Marlins are a much YOUNGER team than the Yankees, and the pain from the length of the season might be having an effect on those Yankees starters. I'm not a Yankee hater, but I'm not a Marlins hater either. I actually hope this finally will allow baseball to take place in Miami, the Cubans are always running around saying they love the sport. Plus when they do crowd shots of the fans at Pro Player, Miami chicks are WAY too hot.

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