Saturday, November 01, 2003

As I predicted...

With every blog entry my ego grows by leaps and bounds, and this entry is no different in its effect. I predicted that Kobe would be booed at away games, and he was tonight. Expect more in the future. Kobe scored 15, which is ok, but the rest of the Lakers, including Devean were marvelous. This is the future of the team: Solid playing by everyone, and no one player dominating. It's not that one player is more talented than the others, Shaq is obviously the most talented and dominant. What it is, is that we have players who know their respective positions, know how to pass, and are all willing to share as Double Double players. And that's what happened tonight, and that's what happened in the first game of the season. This is a team that can beat anyone in the league, with the possible exception of the Spurs. Four things are going to happen this season that will greatly effect the Lakers and determine whether they will win a championship:

1. Devean George becomes a GOOD player, as opposed to an average one.

2. Kobe overcomes his injuries, and jeering fans.

3. The Lakers show they are better than San Antonio

4. I meet a hot chick, and drop this blog to make time for her.

If these 4 things are met, we'll have a championship, and the world will be complete. It's that simple.
More from the talking toupe

Gammons, that schizophrenic wierdo has done a 180 and announced that McCourt is working steadily in preparation for his purchase of the Dodgers, and to get approval from MLB. He also states that McCourt doesn't really want to raze the stadium. Whew. When I first wrote about this I felt that it was a financial impossiblity to get a new stadium built because California was bankrupt and wouldn't bankroll it, and then Gammons came in, and I got scared. But Gammons is only correct when he reports both sides of an issue, so in this case I'm right as usual and Gammons is wrong. The Dodgers will move ahead, and all will be right in the world of the DodgerKid.

Here's the link to Gammons mofos: Here!!!

Friday, October 31, 2003

What I would do

Since I don't work on Fridays, and only part time during the week, after I'm finished waking up at noon, and perusing my VAST pornography collection, and then taking an afternoon nap, followed briefly by thoughts of suicide, I think about sports, and organization. CBS sportsline has what it feels are the premier free agents this season. Surprisingly enough Brian Jordan and Andy Ashby aren't on the list, but here it is anyway:

Bartolo Colon
Keith Foulke
Vladimir Guerrero
Javy Lopez
Greg Maddux
Kevin Millwood
Andy Pettite
Ivan Rodriguez
Gary Sheffield
Miguel Tejada

Let's do the obvious and remove all the starting pitchers, and the angry black men who hate our team:

Keith Foulke
Vladimir Guerrero
Javy Lopez
Ivan Rodriguez
Miguel Tejada

Not much is it? Quantrill is better than Foulke, and Quantrill is less likely to see a pitcher batting because he plays in late innings, so the argument that he's better for pitching in the national league doesn't really float. But he's older than Foulke, and pitched A LOT of innings last year. Foulke also earned six million this year, and will be looking for a payraise. More than twice what Quantrill earned. Guerrero made 11.5 MILLION dollars last year, and he'll undoubtedly be looking for a payraise, a long term contract, and any money we throw down will be matched by the Yankees. So to go after this guy would cost us anything from 12-18 million, I'm getting the higher number from the fact that the Yankees weren't willing to commit to Manny Ramirez, who will earn 20 million next year.

So that leaves us with Lopez, Rodriguez, Tejada. Lopez just had a phenomenal year this year, and broke the single season home run record for a catcher (incidentally, first set by one Todd Hundley). But let's face it, he's unlikely to return to that form this year, and is much more likely to have a year like he did in 2001, where he hit 747 OPS. We've already got a guy behind the plate who can hit that. Rodriguez is better than Lopez, in that he'll be consistent, but he's had injuries in the past, and might have them again. And he's expensive, earning 10 million dollars this past year. Plus there's no guarantee either of them will move to first, where they should be playing at this point if they want to lengthen their careers. I've heard Lopez mumble something about it, but we've already got a decent catcher, and unless we can trade Lo Duca for a first baseman or something, we're fucked. So that leaves us with Tejada.

Tejada earned 5 million this year, and hit 800 OPS. He says he's 27. He'll be expecting a pay raise. Several teams are interested in him. That means a bidding war. So let's say he signs a 4 year, seven million a year contract and hits an average of 800 OPS, with 20 homeruns a year. Is it really worth it? Maybe. Out of all the big free agency signings, this one makes the most sense. That is, if we win the bidding war, which in the past has ballooned player's salaries into the stratosphere.

So what's the point in all of this? The point is, if we've learned anything from the late 90's and from Fox's tenure as the Dodger's owner, putting a lot of money into one person isn't smart. There's no guarantee for success, there's no guarantee that they'll be healthy, and they demand a lot of things you have to give them. Yet, everywhere I go, I read the sports columnists, and Internet fans DEMANDING that their team sign some superstar. Did anyone watch the World Series this year where overpaid, old guys took it up the butt, to young, underpaid guys? Have we learned nothing? Give them eyes Lord, for they cannot see. Until next time mofos....

Thursday, October 30, 2003

More Bad News

Paul Quantrill, the amazingly talented reliever, is also a mentally retarded financier, who has decided to test himself on the market by declaring free agency and turning down 3.1 million dollars guaranteed next year. This guy is 35, and there is NO WAY IN HELL he's going to get more than that. Whoever his agent is, he should shoot him. I am still waiting to hear from McCourt, as every free agent on this team jumps ship, and other teams gobble them up. Gammons recently wrote that he feels McCourt bought the team to raze the stadium, and build high priced condos on the site. I've written before that this could never happen, but if it does, expect this blog to turn into an anti-McCourt blog, and I move to Portland. God hates the Dodgers.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003


The Red Sox are trying to dump Manny! Possibly a smart move, though the only team that will bite will be the Yankees. I doubt they'll do it, because they're gunning for Vlad, and this will result in a VERY pissed off Manny who will routinely bag on the Red Sox management, and of course will never be traded because of his ridiculous salary. Here's the link if you don't believe me:

Click Here MOFO...
I saw LeBron

For a guy named after Chrysler's flagship car of the 1980's, this guy is God. If he keeps this up, and IMPROVES as the years go by, we have the heir to Michael Jordan. And if Kobe is put in prison for this bullshit accusation, and Shaq dies, I become a Cleveland Cavalier fan. It's that simple: He's good. He easily had the best first game of a rookie 18 year old ever, and quickly became the sole good player on the Cavs roster. He'll probably get schooled a couple times in the season, and Kobe will probably dunk on his ass a few times to show him a few things, but as the year goes on, and as the years go on, we will be witness Cavalier team that will rival Bulls in championships. Remember what the Bulls were before Michael: nothing. So long as one of LeBron's parents aren't shot over a car jacking and gambling debts, we should see many years of stellar performance. Wow.
Thank God

Rotoworld.com is reporting that Brian Jordan's (Dodger left fielder) option has been rejected, and we're paying the guy off with 2.5 million. Awesome. Basically Jordan kind of fucked over Evans by not paying through a bum knee and having surgery on it, and ending his season early. What a pussy. He lied to Evans and said he was in great shape at the beginning of the season, and this is what we ended up with.

I don't know where Rotoworld got this info, but if it's true, then that means someone is making decisions, and that someone might be McCourt. This decision was a no-brainer, so it might have been Evans on his own, which will probably result in his firing. Hopefully not.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003


The Mavs were obliterated, without Kobe. I'm pro-Shaq on most issues, but with Kobe stepping up and sitting next to Shaq, I thought he showed a lot of maturity. It reminded me of the times when I would get into fights in elementary school and the teacher would make me shake hands with the son of a bitch, and then me and that kid would go vandalize something together. Teamwork. That's what's it's all about.

One thing that's probably on Kobe's mind is that this team works without him. Devean George is slowly turning into a good, above average player, and with a decent year from Derek Fisher, this team will be unstoppable WITHOUT Kobe. I honestly feel sorry for the guy, I've spoken on the issue of the alleged rape before, so you know my thoughts. He is an arrogant prick loner, but that makes him no different from other basketball players, except for the loner part. I'm writing this in large part to reassure myself that the team won't need him if shit hits the fan, but if Kobe plays even halfway decently this season, we will literally be UNSTOPPABLE. Of course Payton and Malone might have just been showing off on opening day. Probably not though.

And I still hate Luke. Even if he did make a 3 pointer.
So It Begins

I almost forgot that it was the season opener today for the Lakers, I thought it was tomorrow. It's halftime right now, and Barkley is talking about his mom, so I decided to tune him out and write on my blog.

The Mavs haven't won against the Lakers at home since 1903, and if things change tonight, I blame Luke Walton. He's sort of a Mark Madsen without the religion. I just don't like the way he looks, maybe too much pot smoking with his dad. More after the game...by the way doesn't the Mavs new jersey look like a leather dominatrix uniform or what?
Thinking about jumping ship

A team of winners, that Orange County AAA team, the Angels, are going after Shannon Stewart according to the LA Times. Stewart is a REALLY good player that Dodgers should be hiring. Instead, we have McCourt announcing that his 22 year old son is taking over the team. Unless his fucking kid can hit 25 homers a season, this is the news I could care less about. The Angels are also going after Tejada, and everyone else that is good on the free agent market this year. I rarely talk about the Angels, because I could care less about them, but if they majorly upgrade their starters and not their offense as much, they stand a chance to DOMINATE the AL West, especially since the Mariners and Rangers are run by monkeys.

What the fuck?

Lasorda, that fat hysterical bastard, is evidentally not satisfied enough being behind the scenes at the Dodgers, and has stated he would love to be bench coach for the Red Sox, if Hoffman our current third base coach becomes the manager over there. Lasorda in every interview goes off on how much he loves the Dodgers, and how he bleeds Dodger blue, and now this. This probably means that the Dodgers are about to be run into the ground with McCourt. Here's the article, if you don't believe me, (I didn't believe it either.)

The Link.

Monday, October 27, 2003

What now?

Wowsers. As I reach the heights of obsession with my relatively new blog, I've decided to study every possible move the Dodgers could make in this post season, and make recommendations. First I'm going to look at who we had on our roster this past year, and who we should re-sign. Then I'm going to make a list of the BEST possible free agents available. Then I'm going to talk about the Lakers. Then I'm going to marry a hot brassierre model, and totally ditch this nerdy blog. Then I'm going to rule the world. First things first:

Dave Roberts: I like this guy. I don't like how he plays. He gets injured a lot, and he's the stereotypical lead off really good defensive player, but can't worth shit type of dude. Would make a good back up, but he would insist on stealing bases, and then getting out a quarter of the time. That's not cool. If noticed in the post season, base stealing comes to a close. And I've never seen anyone steal home, at least not for the last few years, so we all know that you don't get runs for it. So Dave is basically useless. Keep him as a back up outfielder, otherwise we've got to drop him.

Cesar Izturis: The Anti-Christ was born in Venezuela 22 years ago, and this is the form he took. I hate this man, I hate people who like him, I hate his strange space alien last name. He has ruined my life. No he hasn't, but it allows me to focus my negative energy upon him, and my positive energy elsewhere. Please God do not re-sign him, but if for some insane reason he's on the Dodgers, please do NOT switch hit him.

Alex Cora: I'd much rather have him on the team than Izturis. He's really not that much worse defensively, and better offensively. Didn't come down with injuries this off season so we know that the real reason he stinks at the plate, is that he just plain stinks. Fire him, and replace with Soriano (which of course won't happen).

Dave Ross: Keep him. He should play at least 1/3 of the games behind the plate so that Lo Duca's abilities don't wain. At least.

Odalis Perez: Re-sign him. Has a bad attitude, but I once saw him this season on television make Nomo laugh, and if you can do that, then you can probably move mountains, and walk through walls. He's young while Alvarez is old. Much more of an upside.

Wilson Alvarez: We should sign him, and use him as trade bait. He said he was grateful to Evans for discovering him, prove it then by taking a pay cut. There's no way this guy will come back for long.

Adrian Beltre: I think he's arbitration eligible. We just have to keep him. I've said before, and I'll say again, he's really only 23, the Dodgers lied when they signed him and got in trouble. Most players come into their own in a few more years, until then be satisfied with an average offensive, and above average defensive 3rd baseman. Everyday 3rd baseman to boot.

Guillermo Mota: Please re-sign this guy, and convince him that he'll be a starter is shit hits the fan, which it will with Brown, Alvarez, and Dreifort BOUND to go down in flames before the season is half way over. Nomo and Ishii are also nursing long term ailments and will be shadows of their former selves.

Rick Todd: He writes the blog that you are reading. I recommend giving him a position in the front office that will allow him to quit grad school, and at the same time pay him a high salary for little in return. Extraordinarily talented individual, he prefers wearing shorts to the office, over pants. And sneakers too.

And that's it kids. I loved the way Kinkade and Cabrera played this year, let's re-sign them too. But Cora, Izturis, and Roberts must walk the plank. Tomorrow, or later tonight depending on my daytime sleep schedule, I shall shrink the list of free agents I've made into the best candidates for our position openings. See ya mofos...
Sick Day!!

I'm sick today, or at least that's what I told my boss, so I decided to stay in, peruse my voluminous pornography collection, and add blog entries. When I was little I liked to wear different costumes, and my mother helped when she could by dressing me up as a woman. Hemingway's did too, so maybe I'll become a great writer someday. (Ok, I'm just kidding, though I'm pretty sure my mom doesn't read this, so we'll make fun of her on occasion).

Today I'm going to pretend to be the GM of the Marlins, and I'm going to fire and hire some free agents to keep our shit dynasty alive, that the jaded and over-hyped Cuban baseball "fans" pretend to want.

Here are the free agents for the Marlins:

Luis Castillo---Fire this guy. Totally overrated and has Bora$$ as his agent. Sucks.

Andy Fox--Terrible. Fire.

Chad Fox--Shows promise, and you can never have enough good pitching.

Lenny Harris--Gone, see ya.

Rick Helling--Terrible starter. Burnett will be healthy next year from Tommy John. Goodbye.

Todd Hollandsworth--Ugh. See ya.

Mike Mordecai--If you MUST have a back up infielder go with him instead of Andy Fox. If you must.

Ivan Rodriguez--I would let him go. I know that sounds crazy, but it's either him or Mike Lowell, and from what I hear Lowell is actually the more popular of the two. With the savings from Pudge leaving, you can buy a lot of good players, and afford to keep all the pitching staff through arbitration. It's only a matter of time before Pudge gets injured anyway. The only way I would keep Pudge is if I traded Derrek Lee for some cash, and move Pudge to first.

Ugueth Urbina--The other Kisser. I was a little startled by his smooch habits with Pudge, which isn't really a Latin thing, but more like a french thing. I'd let him go, not for the kissing, but for the fact that closers are overrated in general.

Gerald Williams--Please. Dump him.

And there you go. Same team, probably a BETTER team, with the exit of Pudge. I wouldn't feel sorry for Ivan, he'll easily find a taker. Remember, the Angels made the mistake of keeping their roster intact, paid an enormous amount of money to do it, and were destroyed this year in the season. A lot of the Marlins had career years offensively, and that's something they won't do again. By dumping Pudge, and these other scrubs they save about 15 million, and can buy anything they need in the offseason, as well as anything they might need DURING the season. Their GM has shown a remarkable ability to fix problems mid-stream, so this team has a lot to work with and could be very capable. The NL East really only has the Phillies and Braves, and I think we've seen the last of Braves dominance. Of course that's what they've been saying now for six years.

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Shaq vs. Kobe

Ok they're feuding. Kobe is overrated, and a brat, Shaq is running around saying that the Lakers are HIS team. This is probably true, but Shaq needs to keep it to himself. I honestly can't blame Shaq for being angry, he really is the better player of the two, but until the rape charges, Kobe was seen by the media as Jordan's replacement.

I personally don't think this will effect the team, unless Kobe's selfishness becomes so apparent, that with his weakened skills he becomes a liability. At that point, someone, namely Jackson, needs to step up and bitch slap this kid.

Feuds are the responsibility of the coach. The coach is around to soothe egos, and get players to play. That's why they hired Jackson in the first place. This is probably the strongest Laker team in 3 years, and they're a virtual lock for a championship, but Kobe, and an angry Shaq could ruin EVERYTHING. We've heard little to nothing from Jackson on the issue, and more importantly, heard nothing about any efforts he's made to assuage the situation. Advice for Phil: You've got a new plastic heart courtesy of the hospital, time to slam one in to the Laker's chest as well.
Going for it

Yet another episode in the ongoing effort to look at the available free agents on the market. NOT including those free agents who are in the minors, the vast majority of whom suck. After I'm done with all this, basketball season will start, but my coverage of that will nowhere near be as exhausting as my baseball coverage, simply because I don't know enough about that goddamn sport. I could hit in high school, but I couldn't dribble worth a damn, and I've only gotten into basketball the last few years. And also because I can root for the Lakers, which is like rooting for Hitler in 1940, if you get my drift. We always win.

Also, once finished with this, I'm going to go back through the list, and determine the top free agents to scope for our many potential vacancies next year. It'll be hard work, but since I don't really work in real life, I might as well do it on here. And I can cut back on my excessive masturbation and TV habits as well in the process, making me a healthier human being. Sort of.

Here we go:

Darren Bragg--Terrible back up outfielder. Pass.

Roberto Hernandez--Way too old relief pitcher, pass.

Darren Holmes--Extremely expensive relief pitcher who's getting old. Pass.

Javy Lopez--I mention this guy because he can hit, and we need someone at first base. Just came off a career year, and he just filed for free agency. If we decide not to move Green to first, a mistake in my opinion, let's put this guy at first. He's getting to the age where catching is going to tear his groin apart like a canoe, so it's a smart move anyway. Goddamn, I'm a genius.

Kent Mercker--Really cheap, really good relief pitcher. Helped Atlanta dominate the East this year. Probably will skyrocket in price, but worth a look.

Gary Sheffield--My opinion is that he'll be picked up by the Yankees, if they fail to get Vlad, which they probably won't. I would give this guy another chance with the Dodgers, even though he's an asshole. But he'll probably demand a lot, and his skills will erode eventually, though he hit awesomely this year. Ok, I'm rambling, the son of a bitch isn't worth it.

Antonio Alfonseca--Overpaid relief pitcher. Not worth it.

Doug Glanville--This is what I'm talkin bout. This dude is the type of shit the Dodgers pick up in an attempt to stop gap gaping holes. Pretty shitty player, but knowing the fates, we'll see this prick in Dodger blue in '04.

Tom Goodwin--Please die.

Mark Grudzielanekfodudlaimpolishorczech--Shared matching goatees with Karros in the playoffs this year (I'm not saying ANYTHING), and I believe he's unmarried. He's a decent 2nd baseman but he's not coming back here if Tracy is in command. We can get better for cheaper anyways.

Mark Guthrie--He's old but he can still relief pitch. Might be worth a look, but the age is critical. Played terribly in the playoffs, so he probably can't stand the deep season anymore. Not that we're going to playoffs anyway.

Eric Karros--The few vocal fans there are for the Dodgers probably want to see this guy back. Women seem to find this hairy motherfucker sexy, I don't get it. Can't play any position but first, and only as back up at that. We don't have a starter, so he's not worth it. In my nightmares he replaces a retiring Vin Scully as our announcer.

Kenny Lofton--Getting old, and kind of expensive. He's an injury risk as far as I'm concerned. Still can hit, but for how much longer? Reminds me too much of Jordan.

Troy O'Leary--Shitty back up outfielder. No thanks.

Sammy Sosa--Like we're getting this guy. Please.

David Veres--Not too good relief pitcher, but sometimes capable. Worth a look.

Tony Womack--Worse than Izturis. Should be stricken from the game.

Greg Norton--Hits about as well as Beltre, but that was in Colorado. Probably worse defensively too. No thanks. I keep seeing more and more 3rd baseman who are inferior to Beltre, and all a lot older. Beltre's lying about his age too, remember the controversy when the Dodgers signed him TOO young. He's really 23, so there's a huge upside potential. Or he may have plateaued, knowing our luck.

Steve Reed--A relief pitcher who pitched decently in Colorado. And he's not that old. Methinks we may have found something wonderful! Worth a glance!

Chris Stynes--Hits a tad better than Beltre, but doesn't have the power potential, even playing in Coors. And probably doesn't defend as well either. Beltre once again.

Mark Sweeney--Back up first baseman for the Rockies. Didn't hit that well, for a first baseman, would rather have Speizio over this clown.

Lenny Harris--Mediocre back up 3rd baseman. Nope.

Todd Hollandsworth--I remember you! All but washed up now. Back up outfielders, we've got plenty.

Mike Mordecai--Getting old, though he hits better than Izturis. Nah.

Orlando Merced--Shitty back up outfielder. No way.

Dan Miceli--Seems capable. Pitched well in a hitters park in relief for Astros. Worth a look.

Jose Vizcaino--He's been with us twice before, and sucked. Not a 3rd time.

Rick White--Not impressed. Bad relief pitcher.

Wilson Alvarez--To sign or not to sign. He'll probably ask for a lot, and we won't afford it. Personally, I think he's a ticking time bomb, who is bound to get injured again. It's not like he came to the Dodgers in great shape, with abs and triceps showing. He basically was rebuilt on the surgery table, and we got a great year out of him, the first half of it, in the bullpen. If we drop him, we save money and have the following options available as starters:

Kevin Brown
Darren Dreifort
Edwin Jackson
Hideo Nomo
Kaz Ishii
Odalis Perez

Actually, on second thought we should keep him. Except for Jackson, all of these guys have had surgery before, and had to rehab. Nomo doesn't do well coming back from surgery either. Ok, keep this guy, trade one of these dudes if stuff goes bad. I know it's a lot to keep on a roster, but most of them are time bombs.

Rickey Henderson--It was cool to watch him play, sort of like it's cool to watch your grandparents make out, because they really can't do it anymore, and they're making fools of themselves in public. Actually, that doesn't seem cool at all, and kind of gross. Retire already goddamnit!!!

Brian Jordan--Buy this mofo out NOW.

Tom Martin--Pitched extraordinarily well this year. Keep him around for sure.

Fred McGriff--Go away.

Paul Quantrill--I thought he was signed through 2004, but I guess not. Totally worth picking up again, please do it. Marvelous pitcher.

Robin Ventura--Umm, no.

John Vander Wal--Boy, still can hit. Well not for power. Might be worth a look as a backup outfielder, and he's really cheap.

Vladimir Guerrero--He'll be asking for 14 million or so, and I think that's insanity to lock up that much in a single player. Let Steinbrenner pull that stunt and then choke in the World Series. We've already played that game. No thanks. Bad backs by the way are never really cured.

Fernando Tatis--Shitty 3rd baseman. Pass.

Todd Zeile--He's been on every team, and been forgotten by everyone. For a reason. Pass.

Tsuyoshi Shinjo--More evidence of overrated Japanese ball players. This guy is TERRIBLE.

Jose Mesa--Old and stinks. Bad relief pitcher.

Dan Plesac--Another really old guy, who seems to still be able to pitch relief. Too old though to trust.

Turk Wendell--Decent reliever, but too expensive.

Mike Williams--Terrible reliever. Pass.

Jose Hernandez--Worse than Beltre at 3rd. Yet another.

Jeff Reboulet--Didn't we try this before? Nope.

Pokey Reese Jr.--Just because you have a video game character's name doesn't mean you can play. He can't.

Reggie Sanders--Really cheap, and he can still play. Had a great year this past year, but will probably decrease in skills. Totally worth a look. Don't sign him long term though. Cousin is a Colonel who makes fried chicken.

Matt Stairs--Yet another really talented hitting outfielder who will fly under the radar. Only made 900 thousand this past year and hit above 900 OPS. Let's grab this guy.

Julian Tavarez--Average relief pitcher. There are probably better out there.

Cal Eldred--Decent relief pitcher, and cheap. Worth a shot.

Steve Kline--Ok relief pitcher, still young. Worth a shot.

Orlando Palmeiro--The OTHER Palmeiro. This one sucks. Move along.

Eduardo Perez--Another underrated outfielder who can hit and draw walks. Worth a look for sure.

Fernando Vina--Makes way too much for what he produces, and is injury prone. Enjoys getting hit by baseballs too. Is the Latin version of Coach from Cheers.

Trevor Hoffman--Didn't know he was a free agent. Mota and Gagne are better at this point. Pass.

Keith Lockhart--Really old guy who occasionally plays second. Nah.

Andres Galarraga--Looks like Garfield the cat, and actually enjoys the nickname, since he wears it on his shoes. No joke. Well, no one has ever called him Garfield, but they do call him cat. Still can hit, and we should grab him as back up first baseman over someone like Karros.

Jeffrey Hammonds--Sucks, and makes a lot of money sucking. Nope.

J.T. Snow--Way past his prime. Would rather move Green to first.

Timothy Worrell--Decent relief pitcher, definitely worth a look.

Eric Young--Please God may we take him. Perfect to replace Cora. A little pricey. And a little old.

Whew, I'm done, and I'm seeing double. Next couple of days will be condensing this list and going over the prime candidates for the positions we have open. You'd better love me for this.
Made a booboo

Thomas Babb writes in as to how I misnamed Beckett, as Burkett, confusing a young 23 year old phenom with an over the hill has been. It may be news to you readers, but before each entry in this blog, I smoke a joint and swallow some qualudes to get my bearings. Keep the emails coming mofos.
Even more thoughts

Why was McKeon right, and the statheads wrong? Every sabremetrician rule was broken by playing Beckett on three days rest instead of Redman. Hindsight being 20/20, McKeon made the right, and the ONLY decision.

What statisticians fail to realize is that oversimplification is an enormous problem in statistical analysis. General rules such as: Never play a pitcher on short rest, don't always apply. When don't they apply? When you're playing an elimination game in the World Series.

Another thing ignored: Pitcher stats are based on a small sample size. What is the best predictor of how well a pitcher is going to play? HIS LAST START. How was Redman's last start? Not very good. How was Beckett's? EXCELLENT.

And as I've always said, two of the biggest stats ignored in baseball are age, weight, printed on the back of every baseball card. When you're 23, you can do amazing things that a 31 year old can't. Such as, throw 97 mile per hour fastballs down the middle, and force players to swing on the first throw. That has additional benefits, in that it keeps your pitch count down if it's a strike or a fly out. And that's exactly what happened. McCarver last night, in one of his few moments of clarity (but probably with the help of his producers rather than his own intelligence) demonstrated how devastating this was for the Yankees. The Yankees swung at these pitches because they were down the middle, but very few people can connect on a 97 MPH fastball. And when it came time for 8th inning, Beckett was still in 70s on pitch count. Game over. Statheads, and I love stats as much as the next guy, would never understand why the pitch count for Beckett was so low, other than chalking it up to general skill and a representation of an already low ERA. But by WATCHING THE GAME, and seeing how many swings there were on the first pitch, and watching what kind of pitches were being thrown, we see that Beckett relied on something he'll eventually lose as he gets older: a young man's FASTBALL.

This blog will be switching to basketball mode more heavily in the coming weeks, now with the regular season starting. But Dodger analysis will still be around, especially with the sale going through. Hold on tight mofos...

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