Wednesday, December 31, 2003


We must sign Vlad now. And we can sign him for cheap. I copied the following from a message board. Look:
ESPN has reported the FA contracts signed to date.

Of the 125 contracts to date, 98% have been 3 years or less. the breakdown is as follows

six years- 1 contract
four years- 2 contracts
three years- 14 contracts
two years- 26 contracts
one year- 82 contracts

Of the 110 with disclosed terms, the most lucrative (per year average base salary) are as follows

Sheffield- 13 M
Colon- 12.75 M
Tejada- 12 M
Pettite- 10.5 M

The average salary for 2004 FA signings is 2.32 M. The MLB average 2003 salary was 2.37 M and now the Union is ratcheting up the collusion talk again.


As some of you have said already, the contract length appears to be reduced to the length of the insurance coverage a team can get. And more FAs on the market at any given time means lower salalries. I'm not a labor lawyer, but unless the union can show that MLB and the insurers conspired, it'll likely be tough to prove collusion.

There might not be collusions, but with the flood of free agents, and all the teams consciously avoiding the mega salaries of the Kevin Brown era, in large part due to Kevin Brown himself, the prices have gone DOWN. There aren't many good guys left, but whatever there is, we shouldn't have to pay much. Good news for poor people like McCourt.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Whoa my Dodger Soul.

Hi Dodger Mofos! From the counter that I installed, I estimate there are about 40 of you, and five visits a day from myself, a neurotic who constantly is an awe of the tripe he writes. I salute you all, and your color coded DodgerKid beanies and matching underwear are in the mail!

Check out Dodger Thoughts today, Jon writes on how the MERE PROCUREMENT of Vlad Guerrero would save the team. I totally agree. We are one FUCKING SINGLE DOMINICAN AWAY FROM NL WEST DOMINATION, and WE REFUSE TO MAKE THE LEAP. The Orioles, the former St. Louis Browns, IT IS THEIR DESTINY TO BE A LAST PLACE TEAM. Right now they are the leading team to getting Vlad. Only in Bizarro World would one of the worst teams in a sport be given the best players. The best teams deserve the best players, and the worst teams deserve to pull desperate stunts for fans like having midgets attack players on the field, or have cheerleaders dance topless on the dugout roofs.

Allowing the Orioles to buy Vlad is like a Picasso on sale for 15 dollars at a yard sale, and your next door neighbor Boo Radley, a cellar dwelling imbecile, buys the sucker while you're reaching for your wallet. Dan Evans has said in interview after interview that he is playing with the FOX given budget, WELL THEN USE THE DAMN THING. If anyone honestly believes that Evans is telling the truth, they should be shot. We have SEVEN possible starters next year, for a possible five positions.


Why hasn't one of them been traded? What the hell is going on? Not to mention the fact that we have several quality pitchers ready of a Jackson-calibre, giving us an enormous surplus of pitching talent. If Perez is not given a contract, you can fully expect that the offense will stay where it is (Detroit Tigers level), and we will engage in a battle royale with the Padres for fifth place and contraction. May Evans, McCourt, Murdoch, all burn in Hell. I'm sure they'll be in the fifth circle right next to Mussollini and Liberace.

Monday, December 29, 2003

Found a BLOG!!

Yes folks, I found another Dodger blog! DodgerHill is one man's quest to tell about his life, and the Dodgers. My life is far too pathetic and dismal to be talked about here, so instead I will keep to the Dodgers. Grow my children, grow! Right now the Dodgers have as many blogs as powerhouses like the Montreal Expos, and the San Juan Cuckatoos, so we can do better. The more blogs, the more analysis, the more NERDINESS!!! Love it.
Lakers win

Even though Medvedenko and Jackson tried their damndest to make the Lakers lose, a combined Shaq/Payton/the bench offensive kept our heads above water and we blew out the Celtics, much like the Roman conquerers of old. Jackson has GOT to keep his GODDAMN claws off the sub list, and taking out guys who are hot, and putting in fuckheads who are cold.

And of course, on the Dodger front, every valuable free agent has been taken, we are left with Benito Santiago and a coke, and Evans will cough up his usual bullshit as to how he is working with a 600 million dollar budget, but still must dump players left and right to save money, and not sign anyone. In five years when Dodger stadium is razed, the team is relocated to Tijuana, and there is an enormous deluxo condo complete with massage parlor that no one wanted atop a hill where the Dodgers used to play, don't come crying to me. I TOLD YOU SO.

Sunday, December 28, 2003

Think I'm going to be sick

This article excerpt is a few days old, but if true, the Dodgers will cruise into fifth place this year.

While the public mandate given [GM Dan] Evans was to improve the team while staying under last year's self-imposed salary cap, sources believe Fox higher-ups made it clear they will not approve any major multiyear free-agent signing.

That explains why Evans has been so focused on Nomar Garciaparra and Magglio Ordonez, whose contracts expire after the 2004 season, rather than free agents Miguel Tejada and Vladimir Guerrero. An investment in Nomar or Magglio doesn't tie-up any long-term money.

Having just dispensed with a pitcher with a ludicrous seven-year contract, there's some common sense in this approach. But the Dodgers aren't a small-market team with a low-watt owner. Fox is a media giant that could spend money as furiously as the Yankees and Red Sox if they chose.
(Long Beach Press-Telegram)

Evans is so secretive, and probably unwilling to rock the boat so he has a job after '04, so it seems that he is merely unwilling to make moves. The truth is, he is not financially allowed to make any decisions. Prepare for a VERY dark '04. No Vlad, no Nomar, only Robin Ventura. God help us all.

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