Saturday, April 24, 2004

Are we good?

Are the Dodgers a good team? For the first time since 1996? It seems so. But our pitching is terrible. The rotation is 26th out of 30 teams.

That number is deceptive. Our bullpen brings down our ERA to 4.44. It's that good. According to ESPN, that gives the Dodgers the second best ERA in the NL West. Only San Diego (4.00) is better. Put Alvarez in the lineup as I have been begging these last few weeks, and bring up Jackson in a month or so, and you drop that ERA dramatically. Shuey to the bullpen helps too, and dropping Ishitty or Looney Lima from the team will be the kicker.

Another thing that's helping our pitchers is the offense. We have the third highest OPS in the West (761). Of course Colorado is first (861), and then Arizona (764). The core of the Arizona team is quite old, and if Gonzalez with his partially torn ligament goes down, expect that OPS to plummet.

So there's more to luck with the Dodgers. We really ARE good. And we've got depth too. Who'da thunk it? Oh yeah, me.

And how bout them Lakers? If we don't win on Sunday, we've got big problems ahead. But I'm confident. As for beating the Spurs? Not as confident.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

And Mohammed is his Prophet

God must like the Dodgers because he ended the horrendous game early this afternoon with a rainstorm, saving the Dodgers from a complete knockout. Tracy moved back Perez, who should have pitched today to Friday to face the Giants. Of course Perez facing Tomko is pretty much a guaranteed Dodger win, but the fact remains that the Rockies are in third, while the Giants are in fourth. A win against them is a win against a better team; the Giants look pretty shitty right now.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Ishitty's Revenge

Just when you thought it was safe to call it a winning season. Just when you thought it was safe to call this a playoff team...they're back. It's the shitty Dodgers of 2003, and they want blood.

The only good thing to come out of this game is that Ishitty committed Hara Kiri after the 4th. Oh yeah, and Beltre might be having his breakout year.
An Ineffective Shaq, yet we still win

It's all good in the hood with a Laker's victory, Karl "Greybeard" Malone actually made a basket, and Kobe came in with the win. The Laker's bench was great too.

Don't ever expect that shit to happen again.

Yes Shaq got into foul trouble, and spent much of the night on the bench. Yes, the rest of the team stepped up and saved the day. But the rest of the team is has time and time again, blown it. Having a good bench is meaningless. It might make the difference in a few games over the course of a season, but consistently, day in and day out? No way. Bench players are rookies, old guys, and failed starters. There's a reason their minutes are limited: They can't play.

So pray that Tim Duncan is struck by lightning before the series starts next week (Yes I am that arrogant that the Lakers are going to beat the Rockets). Shaq is what we're going to have to rely on to win. He needs to be 100 percent, not the bench.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

The Sweep

For the first time in three years, we have swept the Giants. For the first time since 1983, we are 9 and 3. We are alone in first place, with a four game lead.

Am I arrogant enough to revisit my prediction of the Dodgers winning the West? You bet, it's right here.

I'm so happy that we swept an obnoxious, vulgar, cheating team like the Giants. The Dodgers are a blue collar, scumbag, low class team. I am living proof of this. The Giants may have been this in the 80s when they played at Candlestick, but they've become a yuppiefied monstrosity, that caters to despicable laid back stupid fans who could care less about the game, and only come to see Bond's homers. And yet, symbolic of everything American, the Dodgers usually outdraw the Giants in attendance, and usually win on the playing field. While rich men usually win in real life, on the playing field, the under class is victorious.

When the season end draws near, and Barry, after a season leading 85 homeruns is lead away to a squad car for being found guilty of perjury, and use of illegal substances, and the Giants settle into a comfortable fifth place, I will quietly laugh to myself, knowing full well that the Dodgers were a first place team before the season started, and are going to the playoffs. What a time to live in!
Fire Jim Tracy

If this website is to be the starter of the fire Jim Tracy bandwagon, then so be it. As I write this, we have nearly blown a five run lead because of a stupid scrawny, bespectacled maniac who decided in his infinite wisdom to pitch to Barry Bonds. Not once, not twice, but thrice. One double, and two homeruns. Several RBIs. He is an absurd liar, telling the media every day that he won't pitch to Bonds, and then that very night, not one fucking walk. Not one. He is the last of the FOX era cancer left in the front office, and we must remove him. Total incompetence has a name and it is Jim Tracy. What a dumbass.
Deplorable Lakers

Absolute garbage. It was one of the shittiest, most ridiculous playoff games I've ever witnessed. Karl "Greybeard" Malone does not deserve a roster spot. After an 1-47 performance, he deserves retirement. I have hated this player ever since he refused to play against Magic Johnson, when Magic caught the HIV. I would have hated him before if I wasn't only interested in cartoons and comic books and didn't know anything about the NBA.

Can you believe that it takes a Hollywood numbskull like Denzel Washington to know how to coach better than Phil Jackson? PASS TO SHAQ. Run the offense through Shaq. Kobe is still playing his, "I don't shoot in the first half" bullshit. Shaq is the only player who not only wants to win, but is capable of winning. He destroyed Yao last night. Only crackheads in the media can still believe at this point that Yao is the better player. Yao is a giant stick man when he plays Shaq. He is totally shut down. And yet with the Francis and the rest of the Rockets giving up a turnover every 5 seconds, we still barely won. I think we're going to win this series, but we are going to be DESTROYED by the Spurs in the next series if we don't get our shit together.

All I can say is thank God for the Dodgers. If our offense can stay healthy, a big IF, I think we can get a playoff berth.

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