Friday, May 07, 2004

I'm Cool with It

I'm totally down with the Lakers inevitable playoff loss, because I think the Dodgers have a shot at the playoffs, and hence a shot at the Series. Common sense among stat heads dictates that the playoffs are crapshoot. I used to believe that.

Then I realized something. Josh Beckett pitched in 9 percent of the regular season innings for the Marlins. He pitched in more than 1/4th of them during the playoffs.

Do we have a workhorse like that? Do we have that dominant pitcher? When you have a person capable of pitching that well, for that long, you increase your odds dramatically. We don't have that guy.

With the expansion to a 40 man rotation in September, perhaps it's time for something revolutionary. I think it's time for non-stop pitching changes.

There's no rule against it. If we're in the playoffs, I think no pitcher should pitch more than they have to. The first sign of trouble we should remove him. I want to see Jim Tracy and the subsequent commercial break every 10 minutes. It'll be annoying, it'll be disgusting, but it'll give us a ring. The other teams have big bulky players that use steroids, I think it's only fair we bend the rules a bit ourselves. With injury prone players like Alvarez, Dreifort, Nomo, and Ishii on our staff, we don't have a choice.

And goddamn I hate that lanky prick Falkenborg. Why is he on the team? It's all about Duaner, which is Spanish for pig anus, a delicacy in much of the Caribbean.

I'm kidding.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Get that Punk Ass Bitch off My Team

Get that punk ass bitch off my team. Get him off now. Kobe Bryant will be a free agent after this season, I want him GONE. I could care less if he gets convicted. He's perfectly healthy, and he played TERRIBLY. I thought he was in Colorado during the first half of tonight's game. The Lakers are DOOMED.

At least Gary Payton will go to his grave without a ring. Whatever team picks him up next year, they will be promptly blessed with a hand grenade. He is terrible. Tony Parker, or for that matter anyone who can run fast and shoot averagely, will SCHOOL Gary Payton on the court. What an embarrassment. IF that's not a lesson to procure talent over big names, I don't know what is.

And the Dodgers are now tied for first place. Weaver's best outing is ruined by an even better outing by Brad Penny. Next step--an injury to one of our starters.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Roberts Injured

It's being reported that Roberts blew out his hammy. It couldn't last I guess. I have a feeling that this is going to be a pattern in Roberts' future. For all those smart asses who put him on their fantasy league teams because of his ability to steal, hahahaha, burn in hell. To smart people like myself who chose good, all-American, overall good player types, nice one.

And is it just me, or does Ross Porter sound like he has a few drinks before the game beings?

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Prediction: Spurs in Six

There is a lead weight around the neck of the Lakers. Its name is Gary Payton.

This old man is too slow to guard that fucking Frenchman, Tony Parker. The Lakers simply have no answer to guarding a fast point guard. And Kobe is no answer either. Time and time again, he sped past any defense and made a lay up.

After the third quarter I thought we had it, and then the 4th quarter came and we shut down. I have been skeptical of the Lakers getting another championship, it seems I am right again. The Spurs are just a better team. After the first game went down, and with the home field advantage the Spurs have, there's little chance of a Lakers' series win.

I hope I'm wrong, but we're just too old of a team. The Spurs have two young strong players in Ginobli and Parker, we have a bunch of old guys, a troubled young kid in Kobe, and a bunch of bench crap like Walton. Walton is sort of a litmus test for how good of a team we face. If Walton isn't getting his ass kicked and the ball stolen from him, then that means we're facing a shit team. If Walton is totally out of his league and getting destroyed, it means we're facing either the Spurs or the Kings.

And then afterwards I peeked at the Dodger game. It went shitty too, but at least the second place Padres lost too. Looking at the play by play, Nomo is getting really lucky with great defense behind him. If it weren't for the amazing infield defensively, and our amazing defense in the outfield, he'd be toast. I think our defense is the only thing keeping us competitive, that and our bullpen. Our offense is decent, but we have no power hitter. Shawn Green's shoulder is still healing. That means probably less than 30 homeruns this year. He's still a capable hitter, and probably will be a better hitter than in 2003. But as the blog Dodger Thoughts has reported, his condition will mean problems later. After 2005, unless he takes an enormous pay cut, he'll be off the team.

And that's about it. Terrible day overall. I expect a meteor to crash into the LA basin tomorrow to cap things off.

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