Friday, May 28, 2004

As If Anyone Cared

Folks, I'm going to be gone this Memorial Day Weekend, and I won't return until Monday night or so. That means no updates all weekend! But if you're up early on Friday, I'll be on the Johnathan Brandmeier show on Arrow FM 93.1! Wheeeeeeeeeee! A weekend of hallucinogens!!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

The Decline Begins

Paul Lo Duca

OPS April 2004: 992
OPS May 2004: 654

Shawn Green

OPS April 2004: 869
OPS May 2004: 645

Milton Bradley

OPS April 2004: 842
OPS May 2004: 705

Cesar Izturis

OPS April 2004: 772
OPS May 2004: 651

Juan Encarnacion

OPS April 2004: 722
OPS May 2004: 565

If it weren't for Grabowski, and Cora, we'd be screwed. What's going on guys? Did drug testing come in May or something? Geeeeeeeze.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Danger Will Robinson, Danger

Here's the K/9 ratings for the Dodger starters this year:

Wilson Alvarez -- 8.09
Kaz Ishii -- 4.62
Hideo Nomo -- 4.32
Odalis Perez -- 6.34
Jeff Weaver -- 7.94

I'm not THAT worried. Nomo's is clearly demonstrative of either injury, recovery from injury, or the plain fact that he now sucks. Ishii's isn't promising either. Ishii's 2003 k/9 was 8.57, and Nomo's was 7.30. That's a big drop off for Nomo, but a spectactular drop off for Ishii. Then look at this:

Hideo Nomo k/BB (2003): 1.81
Hideo Nomo k/BB (2004): 1.18

Kaz Ishii k/BB (2003): 1.39
Kaz Ishii k/BB (2004): .78

This is NOT good. When these guys become less able to strike out their opponents, and because they come from a culture that promotes collective robotic thinking over good old American independent thought, they just fall apart. They always have had high walk rates, but when they lose that crucial ability to throw strikes, perhaps because of age, or injury, or both, they really are screwed. That ability to throw strikes is probably tied to velocity, and accuracy. Health can destroy both.

Ishii and Nomo last year had the huge advantages of a middle infield that could turn double plays quite well. They still have that, but their walk rate is so high compared to the number of guys they strike out, that that luck factor doesn't lower their ERA. Watching Ishii in 2003 gave you an ulcer or an anxiety attack, watching Ishii now will make you want to commit suicide.

We know that Nomo's inability to throw strikes comes from coming off of surgery, his very low velocity. It's quite likely that he's done as a major leaguer, or at the very least won't recover until this season is over. Either way, you can bet he won't be a Dodger next year.

With Ishii the problem is more vague. His velocity was never great, because Japanese pitchers velocity is never great to begin with. But his wildness has increased dramatically. What could be the cause? Jim Colborn, the pitching coach, seems to have no ability over it, and Ishii's velocity is ok, so perhaps it is some other physical ailment. Whatever it is, it better get fixed, because Ishii is one of the few players with a guaranteed contract through 2005. And at the current way he's playing this year, no team is going to take him off our hands unless we eat another equally bad contract.

My whole point is this--three of our pitchers are ok, two aren't. It's a safe bet that neither is going to recover this year. The Dodgers need to find help to replace one, if not both. I haven't heard much good coming from any of our highly touted prospects in the minors. And I don't know what we have in the way of trading abilities. It might be time to hold our noses and just bring up someone, and see how they do.

I'll update late tonight after the Laker game.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Day of Shit

If you have no life, and I'm not saying I don't have a life, because I'm famous now, but if you have no life, you probably woke up early today, caught the Dodger game, ate an enormous meal, was prostrate the entire day, and then watched the Laker game in the evening.

I did those things, and almost had a heart attack.

I can't recommend eating a lot, and then laying down immediately after, I think it's unsafe. It's also unsafe to watch two teams you KNOW aren't this bad, play absolutely terribly.

The Dodgers were awful. I think Shawn Green needs to be benched for the week. Any day now, Alex Cora will be the best hitter on the team. That moment is rapidly approaching.

And then the Lakers.

Medvedenko. I can't get his ugly sight out of my head. Watching him be totally overmatched by Kevin Garnett was embarrassing. They say we have an immigration problem in this country. Folks, the NBA has an immigration problem. There are too many seven foot tall Europeans in the game. If the NBA insists on putting mediocre white men on the court, can't they find more than enough domestically? Do we really need to travel to places like the Ukraine, or Turkey, or Chechnya to find talent? I'm still not sure what Medvedenko's real talent is. Is he someone, someone large who follows the team, is kept as a pet, and occasionally given playing time? Just what is his purpose?

I know that tonight's game was a joke, and was rest up for the homestand. At least it better be. I expected that we would lose tonight, having already beaten them once at home. Everyone with half a brain knows that this team is WAY more talented than the Timberwolves. But that utter shit level of play that has dogged us all through the season cannot show up again this series, or we are fucked.

Let's improve, or I'm going to start watching Angels games. And I'll even laugh at Rex Hudler's jokes.

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