Saturday, July 10, 2004

I hate you Shawn.

Welcome aboard Rudy.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Encarnacion injured, thank God

Encarnacion is suffering from a frayed labrum, or something like that, which is a horrendous injury, and it probably means we'll be stuck with an ineffective player, ala Shawn Green for at least through the 2005 season. Rotoworld thinks that increased playing time for Grabowski and Werth will result, and that's a good thing. It means this team is one step closer to looking like Oakland, or a winning franchise.

However, there is something sad in that. Watching these teams with steroid driven walk drawers, instead of speedy high strike out great defense latin guys is a disappointment. Yes there is more offense, and we need that, but we also have longer games, shittier pitching, and less exciting defensive plays.

In the long run it'll probably mean the end of baseball, but in the short term it'll probably mean a few Dodger playoff appearances. I guess I'm for it.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Coach K: Coward

Fearing he'd pull a Rick Pitino, Coack K called it quits yesterday. Looks like Rudy T will be in command. My only fear with Rudy is that we'll have another sickly coach, like Jackson, one bad heart beat or cancer cell away from crazy Kobe coaching the team, and leading a pissed off group, including Shaq, to first round failure come playoff time. We'll see what awaits in the coming days...

Gagne's blown save was a crusher, it looked like the big man was crying when he saw, fellow fat fuck Olmedo Saenz let the ball pass by him. Baseball has GOT to start a weight limit on its players. If you've watched Angels games this year, seeing that embarrassment for a player, Bengie Molina, huff and puff his way down the first base line, you can see why many Americans refuse to consider baseball a sport. We have our own pillow player, Wilson Alvarez, who after one inning of pitching is bathed in sweat, and because of his considerable girth, is unable to be a quality starter for us. Embarrassing. Bring back the days of old with skinny, long endurance players, who only needed the occasional amphetamine to pitch 15 innings straight. God I love the 70s.

Which brings me to my next announcement. I should be on the radio tomorrow, 93.1 ARROW FM, perhaps even talking with first base great Steve Garvey. I've been on a long hiatus, and this may be the last time I'm ever on again, especially since the boys in blue might never reach the playoffs. Tune in ya bastards!!!

Sunday, July 04, 2004

All-Star Selections

Just one?!?! Only Gagne made the NL roster. Mike Lowell just edged out Beltre, which borders on the insane. Beltre is twice the defender that old man is.

And now Jackson is injured. Hopefully it's just a mild strain, but I'm holding my breath until the MRI comes back. I've probably ranted before on how college players should be drafted over high school players, but if this isn't proof, I really don't know what is. Miller is done for the season, Hanrahan is injured, and now Jackson. That's really unacceptable. I think we should perhaps start looking to AA for a pitcher to fill in the gaps, because we have nothing in AAA. It's this proliclivity for injury that boggles the mind as to why DePodesta went with a high school draft once again this year. It's the only move he's made that I've been disappointed with, and it's a big move.

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