Saturday, July 24, 2004

I don't bathe, the Dodgers have won.  The days I bathed, because I had a skin rash, were days the Dodgers lost.  It might be a coincidence, but I'm not taking any chances.  I will continue to stink until the season is over.  No bath today!

Updates will be shorter until after Tuesday.  I am moving to a new apartment, and I am in the middle of finals for my plumber's license.  You wouldn't believe the types of shit stuck in some people's toilets.  You'd think they ate the whole corn cob.  Incredible.  Later...

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Who are these guys?
Winners evidentally.  I couldn't help but notice the disgusting display by Shawn Green, my new nemesis, when after hitting a rare home run, he handed a batting glove to the Dodger's owner, Frank McCourt.  It was an obvious play to get a contract extension, or perhaps Shawn's eyes as well as his shoulder are gone, and this is why he strikes out so often.  Frank is no child, though he has had considerable botox injections to make his skin supple like a child's he is no child.  Few children have gray hair, or permanent tans.  The whole display was like Frank Caligula getting a fig leaf from a gladiator or something.  Grotesque. 

Oh yeah, good win against the Rockies today.  Milton Bradley is now my new favorite player, surpassing Adrian Beltre, now that he's a fan favorite.  I love psycho players.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Hey...Let's Fuck up a Franchise!
Who would have thought, that the LA Dodgers would be a superiorly run franchise to the LA Lakers?  Who would have thought that after 8 years without playoff appearances, the Dodgers are more than likely going to go, and from there have a shot at the title.  Who would have thought that the Lakers would trade away their best center ever, for crap, and then go on to procure a 36 year old, Eastern European, chain smoker, as his replacement.  Who would have thunk it?

It's clearly the stupidest move of the decade, and since the century is young, the century as well.  Vlade Divac?  The flop?  The most hated player in LA?  A Laker once more?  No way.  Yes way.  Because Kobe is bigger than the franchise.

Because Kobe is bigger than the team.  We need mediocre players who don't let ego or talent get in the way of an enormous ego, and an overrated talent.  This is the first I've heard of a franchise allowing a player to become bigger than the team.  Let's review some history:

Yankees vs. Babe--Winner, Yankees, telling the fatso to go fuck himself when he demanded a contract extension.

Rangers vs. A-Rod--Winner, Rangers, telling the swarmy A-Rod to go fuck himself when he demanded that the team win.  The team is doing as he wishes, without him.

Dodgers vs. Garvey, Cey, Fernando, Herschiser, Karros, anyone--Dodgers, who would never in a million years hesitate to trade overpaid (at least in their mind) players and start anew, even after a World Series win. 

It's a business folks.  And to not invest smartly means to lose money.  The whole point is to win.  We live with a fickle fan base.  People in LA will stop coming to your games if you continue to lose.  And the Lakers are going to lose a lot next year.  And people, especially the fair weather Hollywood fan base, is gone.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Update...Your Los Angeles Dodgers who will be working Elsewhere next Season:
Hideo Nomo
Todd Hundley
and now....Paul Shuey!
A grand total of 18.3 million dollars will be saved.  Can't wait.

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