Saturday, July 31, 2004

Deep Throbbing Analysis

I had a couple problems with the massive trades made by DePodesta today. That's not to say I liked them overall, I did. But there were/are issues with them, that others have written about, and more will probably write about, if they become glaring problems.

The first issue is with the bullpen. We traded away Tom Martin, and Mota. Martin sucked, but he was left handed, and he wore cool glasses. Who have we replaced Martin and Mota with? To some extent Dreifort, who blew the game tonight, and Alvarez, who is better suited to the role of reliever, because he is fat and out of shape, and is not an athlete by any stretch of the imagination. Reliever is one of those positions where you can actually be a functional heroin addict, and still perform at a major league level, if you're talented. We also have promoted Brazoban from AAA. Brazoban came to us in a Yankee trade earlier this year, and he's the most talented pitcher we have left in our system. Which is somewhat frightening. Here's what he's done this year:

He pitched 39 games at AA, and had a 2.65 ERA. He got promoted to AAA, along with a guy named Eckert, and pitched 10 games with a 2.19 ERA. It's a small sample size, BUT, he is pitching in one of the worst environments for a pitcher, Las Vegas, with high air, and Coors field like effects. He also has the lowest ERA on the entire roster. The other comparable ERA was Carrera, and that fatty is in the bullpen now too.

The Finley deal didn't make too much sense to me at first, and I think it was done for the bullshit reason of bringing more experience on board, to pacify the press. Finley will have a decline of course, but we gave up next to nothing for him. All in all we spend a few million for an okay hitter. About the right going rate. Actually, DePodesta all but admitted to Vin Scully why he made this move, and now it makes even more sense. The other reason this move was made was probably to prevent the Padres from getting Finley. Finley improves our outfield somewhat offensively; he would improve the Padres outfield incredibly over Jay Payton. Even statheads rarely look at moves from the perspective of stealing other players from division competitors, but it's something DePodesta has realized must be done. It's bordering on genius.

Finally, we come to the issue of catcher. A Ross/Mayne combo is a disaster offensively, obviously. Is that important? Do you need to have a decent bat at every position? Baseball is a team game, though less of one than basketball or football, but as long as the team is offensively improved overall, the loss of a specialized position's ability to hit isn't important. And Ross has power...

Basically this blog entry was me writing to myself, to reassure myself that DePodesta isn't a madman. This team was probably playoff bound before the moves. The making of moves for on base guys, and a starting pitcher, are the types of moves that increase our odds of success in the playoffs. Yes there's an argument that the playoffs are a crapshoot, but in the controlled confines of a baseball game, rather than the openness of the universe, to call the playoffs a crapshoot is ridiculous. Only the universe can generate random occurrences, there are more than likely patterns within successful playoff teams the DePodesta may have stumbled upon. Randy Johnson was the type of pitcher that throws for power, and perhaps that's the type of pitcher that is needed for success and that's why we went for him, rather than the low velocity pitchers the A's have, that can never advance beyond the first round. By the way, this is probably the most serious post I will ever write, and don't expect anything like it again.

Randy Johnson: Still an Asshole, and Roberts is a goner

I was probably a little harsh in my last post, this trade deadline has driven me crazy with excitement, and I went overboard. People are right to an extent, it hurts to see Lo Duca go. I'm a big fan of short of stature types succeeding in life, with their little angry baby hands clutching the far bigger bat against normal size players, and Lo Duca was truly representative of that. It is true to an extent that less "Dodgers" will go to the playoffs and more "Dodger" uniforms, and what makes up a team to some extent are the players themselves.

What will really be interesting to note is to see the attendance reaction. Will people punish the Dodgers by not going to games, now that Roberts and Lo Duca are gone? Those were two fan favorite players. The Dodgers, from a statistics point of view, are pretty much guaranteed a playoff berth. That means first place for the rest of the season. We'll see what drives fans more in LA, winning, or the players themselves. Judging from sports radio, and how much people wished for Shaq to leave because they favored Kobe, I fear the latter.

Note to Fans of Lo Duca: Fuck You

I now officially hate Lo Duca, because the majority of LA fans love him. Anyone, such as the poster below, who wishes hate on the Dodgers and hopes they lose for making this trade is not a Dodger fan, and should stick to watching soap operas rather than baseball. Listen bitches, THERE'S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL. We're here to win you fucks!!!! I want a series, not a new car for Lo Duca. Let the stupid expansion Marlins take Lo Duca and try to win. Good for them, their team won't exist in five years. The Dodgers are bigger than any one player, and they're sure as shit bigger than a five foot tall Italian with a temper, who didn't deserve to go to the All Star game over Beltre. If you can't handle that, go back to watching soaps where they keep creeps like Victor on the Bold and the Beautiful for decade after decade, with botox injections to keep him youthful. Get with the program, it's about winning. Not losing, not keeping the "core" together. Stupid moves that keep the "heart and soul" of a team together are like the moves that dumped Shaq and replaced him with the Miami Heat starting lineup, plus a possible guilty rapist. IF LA fans abandon this team, then they truly have reached an epic level of stupidity and deserve nothing less than to jump on the Angels bandwagon. That team's doing great, they didn't "mortgage" their future, let's see if they give the wildcard to the best third place team. I hear Moreno is going to have a 200 million dollar budget next year. Morons. Learn stats you fuckheads.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Trade News

This is big. According to ESPN.com, we have traded Lo Duca, Encarnacion, and Mota for Penny, Choi, and a AA pitcher named Bill Murphy. Murphy has a 4.08 ERA for the Carolina Mudcats.

I love this deal. Choi is on my fantasy team. He is Korean, so expect thousands of Koreans to show up to Dodger games from now on, just like when we had Park pitching. Huge move.

I loved Lo Duca. He came up from our minor league system, he was yet another Italian catcher, after Piazza, Scoscia, and Campanella (1/2 Italian, whatever). He was also having a very good year. But he is 32. This was probably the last hurrah.

We need to have the guts to make the big trades, in order to win a World Series. You can't keep building for the future forever. Dan Evans would have traded Encarnacion for Conine, and called it a season. DePodesta did the right thing. It'll look bad for the short term, with the retards on the sports radio screaming we've been robbed, and once we go to the playoffs, they'll promptly be congratulating DePodesta. But for those of us who understand more complex stats than RBI, we know this is a good move.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Randy Johnson: Asshole
What a great guy.  Multi-millionaire, basically founded the D-backs franchise, and has already won everything there is to win.  But no, he needs another World Series Ring.  What an asshole.  As if the Dodgers don't have as much of a chance as the Yankees to win the World Series.  Why doesn't he just pitch one inning for one of the two teams in the Series, and get a ring that way.  I pray that he receives the same result that Karl Malone and Gary Payton got this season:  NOTHING.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

What up?!
What's up with the slowing down of updates?  Well I'm on summer vacation silly!  I moved out of my mommy's basement, and into a ghetto apartment, complete with no kitchen.  I've been busy as hell, and don't have a TV set up.  But I still have internet access.  So we'll see.  Updates will speed up....eventually.  And we should totally give up Lo Duca and Mota for Johnson.


John Kerry walks into a bar, bartender says, why the long face?

Monday, July 26, 2004

He's Making Excuses
He's making excuses.  DePodesta is telling us that he may not be able to deliver a trade by the deadline next week.  I'm not surprised, nor bitter.  I don't think the Dodgers should make a trade for the sake of a trade.  This season is quirky in that most teams, including the Brewers, have a small chance of making the playoffs.  Realistically they have zero chance, and the big budget clubs will dominate, but they have to save face and not trade their stars.  That's why Seattle is the only team so far to trade off their star pitcher, Freddy Garcia.  The D-backs can't really trade anything because their only stars that are worth anything, Finley, and Johnson, can veto any trade, since they've been playing baseball before it was integrated.  The Expos, Pirates, are really the only teams left that are willing to trade away their stars and call it a season.  With so many buyers, and so few sellers, you'd have to sell off the entire farm system in order to compete.

Which brings us to the farm system.  The LA Times had an article that I would link except I can barely work the new link system in blogger, where they showed how in the last seven years the Dodger farm system has produced David Ross, and Edwin Jackson.  Wow.  We have absolutely nothing in AAA, maybe something in AA, and A and Rookie is like an early term fetus, hard to tell if anything is really happening with them youngins.  So we're fucked.

I say fuck it.  The Padres need a super bat to make a difference in their pitcher's park, and Finley isn't that good.  The Giants need a pitcher and a hitter, and they're unlikely to get anything either.  We have a good team going, let's just keep it this way.....ok maybe we need a pitcher.  Bring up Hanrahan.

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