Friday, August 20, 2004


Beltre RBI'd the first run, homered the second to tie the game, and homered the third to win it in extra innings. Amazing. If we don't re-sign him, we're fools.

And what's up with Gagne? What are you a pussy? You need that little midget behind the catcher's mask to help you get your shit together? Did you find out that Lo Duca slept with your wife before he left for the Marlins? What the fuck is the matter with you?! Goddamn, go eat or something.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Perhaps the most amazing thing ever is the waste American society creates everyday. The enormous amount of shit we eat, shit we make, resources we waste, hapless people we kill, on down the line. But there is nothing more wasteful, than the contract of Darren Dreifort.

And I would leave at that, if it weren't the fact, that people consider him a hero. A hero? Does anyone know what the fuck a hero is anymore? A hero is someone who runs into a burning building to save a baby, toss a grenade into an Iraqi machine gun nest to save his men, and write a daring blog on the Dodgers. That's a hero folks. Breaking your fucking knee and collecting 13 million dollars is not heroic. It's just the opposite. It's selfish!

Only in bizarro world would this man be considered unselfish, for doing the most selfish thing imagineable, that is, take an enormous percentage of the allocated Dodger budget, and know full well that he can never even come close to be worth that amount. Totally fucking ridiculous.

Dreifort says the team is important to him. Then quit you asshole! Retire, and let the Dodgers spend your salary on players whose joints work, and who can remain healthy. We've got our own goddamn Captain Ahab on board, and this motherfucker won't quit until he's earned the last of that 55 million. Mark my words, after the 2005 season, he's retired. He won't dare play for 300 grand, the league minimum, even though he knows that's all he'll be offered. Why? Because knee surgery isn't worth chump change to a millionaire like him. If he plays past the 2005 season, which he won't, I'll be inclined to think he's somewhat noble. But I highly doubt it.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Paulie's Back and DePodesta is an Asshole

That will be what the headlines will read. Yes, Lo Duca the Great is back, the guy who lead us to three world series, and several playoff appearances. God it just pains us all to see him in that fish uniform. What a tragedy. God help us all.

Baseball is a business. This is America. Lo Duca isn't some factory floor worker, who stuck his arm in the press, and is leading dissension among the ranks. He's a millionaire with a hot ass wife. Noting bad is going to happen to him. He will be earning the same next year, and the year after. Who knows, maybe he'll end up a Dodger in the far future. Maybe he'll put on some weight, keep his temper, go into managing, and we'll see him again as the Dodger manager. Sure he loses out on some radio ad revenue he was pulling in, big fucking deal.

Everyone needs to take a deep breath. It's just a game. LA Sports fans always love cute, short, overrated players. First Kobe, now Paul. One team made the mistake of keeping theirs, thank GOD we didn't.

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