Saturday, August 28, 2004

I wrote this post

But the stupid modem I use ate it. I hate wireless modems. I also hate 98 percent of sports writers.

You may have read Rob Neyer's latest chat. I was able to ask him two questions, one in my true identity, the other using the name "Max." I have no idea why I used the name Max. But I tried to bring up an interesting point. Why are so many sports writers and fans so stupid?

They continue to believe in things like, "clutch hitting", and "heart and soul" of a team, and "spririt", and "Derek Jeter is the greatest Yankee since Babe Ruth". We, we being people with high school educations, know better.

I want to hit my head with a lead mallet, and knock my IQ down to dog level, so I can get a free job as a sports writer. Sports writers, sports radio talk show hosts, overweight bar jockey sports fans, are the stupidest people on the planet. They automatically assume, a Yankee is a good player. That trading an overpaid, over the hill catcher who has heart and soul, is a bad thing. That's madness. We can use mathematics to analyze anything, except sports. It's not allowed. Americans are quickly becoming the stupidest people in the world.

I only read the sports section of the paper to get the latest gossip about which player was traded, did coke, or sodomized a cheerleader. I do not read the newspaper to find out which athlete has true spirit, is a leader, or other such bullshit. Those falsehoods, and the "leadership" of coaches, are continued fables sportswriters love to yap about. Many of them are racist, and are used to show how white athletes are better than Latin and Dominican counterparts. If you think I'm wrong, take a poll of sports writers, and ask them who is better, Babe Ruth, or Barry Bonds. Ruth would walk away with 90 percent of the vote, at least. How in the fucking world would a fat drunk hit 60 homeruns in a season against 95 mile per hour fastballs? Please.

So continue to watch sports, but please, for god's sake, take the word of sports writers, sports radio hosts, and announcers with a grain of salt. They are morons.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Did anyone Notice?

That the Expos are beating us without Jose Vidro, their second best hitter? He is out for the season with a bum knee. What the fuck is going on?
It's Coming

Not me, but the playoffs! I don't think I'm out of line making predictions that we're going to the playoffs but we are...

And I've done this before, but I'll do it again. There's a small chance that we'll face the Braves in the first round of the playoffs. Here's the likely matchup:

Wright 3.17 ERA
Ortiz 3.60 ERA
Byrd 4.11 ERA
Thomson 4.28 ERA

I would assume Hampton would be demoted to the bullpen, because he sucks. Four man rotation for the playoffs.

Dodgers would battle with--

Perez 3.09
Weaver 3.68
Alvarez 3.76
Penny (?) 3.02
Jackson (?) 3.86

I'm assuming there's no way in hell Lima is a starter come the playoffs. I think if necessary he could pitch a home game, but Turner Field is a bit more of a hitter's park than Dodger Stadium, so I would recommend he Sambo his ass to the bench. I just don't see Nomo being effective either, considering his medical past. He takes longer to heal, and he's 36 now. Realistically, I think we will probably have to depend on either Penny or Jackson.

Perez has a 5.72 K/9, Wright has a 7.57. With a K/BB of 1.97 compared with Perez's 2.97, Perez seems to be more of pitcher who allows more balls in play. Perez's OPS allowed is 50 points higher than Wright's. They're very comparable, but I give the advantage to Wright because he strikes out more players. In a short series/small sample size, where an offense can be blistering, the higher strikeouts hurts. To our advantage though, Wright walks a shitload of guys. Perez has better control. That could be a good thing as DePodesta has loaded the lineup with on base guys. If Tracy doesn't play Choi, he's a fucking fool. Wright is right handed as well. I swear to God if I see Ventura hitting that day, I'm jumping on the field.

So far:

Perez - / Wright +

The walk advantage is more of a seasonal thing. It needs a large sample size, or season to take effect. Typical Moneyball bullshit, but that's the way our team is structured for better or for worse.

Ortiz vs. Weaver:

6.72 vs. 6.51 K/9
1.39 vs. 2.39 K/BB
90 vs. 51 BB allowed
125 vs. 122 Ks

Weaver walks guys a whole lot less. And their ERAs are identical. To me that means defense has been what keeps Weaver as good as Ortiz. Ortiz doesn't let batters hit him, Weaver does, but he has two Latin guys behind him who could pop a pimple on a bull's ass with their mitts they're so accurate. I'm going with even steven here.

Ortiz - / Weaver -

Alvarez, please dear Lord be healthy. This man is why they make fun of fat ballplayers; he looks like a sparkplug from my vantage point way up in the stands. I really think we're going to need him down the stretch. I actually think, because he's such a health risk, we should put him in the bullpen until the playoffs, and use games to test the health of Jackson and Nomo. If Nomo's arm tears off, big deal he's a free agent at the end of the year, and if Jackson's arm tears off, well, how else will you learn if you don't try? Then we release the wrath of Alvarez on an unsuspecting team. Alvarez needs the rest, we're unlikely to lose our lead, it's the Series that counts.

Byrd vs. Alvarez

6.03 vs. 7.34 K/9
4.00 vs. 3.36 K/BB
11 vs. 25 BB allowed
44 vs 84 Ks

Alvarez has been pitching more this season. Byrd was out for a couple months this season because of surgery. Alvarez is better, but not dramatically so. Alvarez has more strikeouts, in only two more games started, but in a bunch more of relief appearances. I give a reluctant + to Alvarez

Byrd - / Alvarez +

After this, I really don't know what the Dodgers can do. Thomson is average with a 6.03 K/9 and opponents hit 769 OPS against him. We just need an ok pitcher to combat him, which could mean a healthy Nomo, Lima at home, or Jackson. I would not risk the health of Perez, in a three man rotation. No fucking way. Weaver does not look promising, but if we play the Braves, we get homefield advantage. That gives Perez an advantage. I almost wish that we didn't have homefield advantage so we would give up that game, and win the rest. Losing a homefield game would be disastrous in a short series. But I think we just might.

I think we can win this, and it's a better match up then with the Cubs. But chances are we'll see the Cubs first. This is one of those rare times where Dodger fans should root for the Giants to do well, but hope for a career ending injury to Schmidt, as opposed to a career ending injury to Bonds and Schmidt, as Dodger fans regularly do. Or at least as I regularly do.

Expect updates to slow down, now that I'm in school full time. Sorry, I know you love me. Bye for now...

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Noticed something else

According to this article Robin Ventura has cleared waivers. What does that mean? It means he's up for sale. Actually I'm not exactly sure what putting someone up for waivers means, I think it means we're willing to accept players for him, maybe someone can help me out in the comments below. It might be DePodesta's way of forcing Tracy to play Choi, a superior player. Ventura of course, played today. With Hernandez backing up Beltre, and Choi and Green sharing first, there's really no reason for Ventura to be on the team. My bet is, he is traded for minor leaguers before the August 31st deadline, and retires after this season.

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