Saturday, October 02, 2004

I was there.

I was there.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Love it!

We're one game away from clinching the NL West kids! All we have to do is win one more, or the Giants lose one more, and that's more than likely to happen in this upcoming three game series. Two of those games I'll be watching AT THE STADIUM!! Starting tomorrow, and the day after. Supposedly I'll be in left field pavilion where that rich prick bought out the section, and I'm supposed to be hanging out with the morning crew of Arrow 93. We'll see. They usually go to bed at eight at night like little babies to wake up early for the show, so they'll probably leave after the third inning. I've been on twice this week, on the Jonathan Brandmeier show yapping as usual. Judging from my hits, you've been ignoring me. I think I hate you.

But the real celebration is the fact that we're about to clinch!! Whoopee!!! And yes I will be one of those losers who buys an NL West Champions shirt off the internet, because I'm pretty confident that's as far as we're going to get...hopefully not.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Serenity Now, Serenity Now, Serenity Now

Let's all take a step back from the edge. Plashke and Simers are both calling for Bradley to leave the team. It's not that big of a deal. I listened to KFWB this morning, and the bottle Bradley allegedly threw was PLASTIC. Not glass. Plastic.

That being said, what Bradley did was wrong, but what the initial drunk fan did was wronger [sic]. Throwing anything on the field is illegal. The fact that I found myself agreeing with Jim Rome this morning shows you how totally insane the LA Times sports page is. Plashke, a sweaty, fake tan, windbag, who loves guesting on Max Kellerman, or TV in general, and who openly professes ignorance on any baseball statistic more complex than heart and soul, gives opinions I regularly ignore. So should you.

What was Plashke's response when Chad Kreuter, a caucasian player, ran into the seats to pummel a fan for stealing his cap. According to Plashke, that fan was paying for the right to be an idiot. Ummm, right. In the small print on the back of every ticket it clearly states, you may interact on the field with the players so long as you do it in a comical manner, or at least in such a manner that a hack writer will make it a headline story on the front page of the sports section. Sure.

The fact is, this is all much ado about nothing. Bradley should be suspended the rest of the regular season, and fined. The fan should be fined as well, and banned from the park for a year. Bradley should play in the post season.

Plashke should go back to teaching first grade English, or checking the voltage on the UV lights of the tanning bed he longs for. Simers should be fired post haste. The problem with these guys is they search for sensationalism. As do I. IF the Dodgers were to win every game, and have no problems, there'd be nothing to write about. They yearn for on the field strife. They love it. To them, as to all people who write about sports, we are all failed athletes, and some of us, if we can somehow effect the lives of the players on the field, in some small way, we hope to be a footnote in the history of that player. You can be damned sure Simers and Plashke love being able to go into the clubhouse, chat and joke with the players, and you can be damned sure that they hate players who don't kiss their ass, and go out of their way to have a drink with them after a game.

What Bradley did deserves punishment. But what the media did by playing up, a harmless incident in the great scheme of things, deserves punishment as well.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

His Will Be Done

Like any pathetic fan, I'm chalking up the Dodgers' success to the fact that I paid more attention than usual to their season. The only thing that makes their going to the playoffs sweeter is the fact that the Giants are more than likely not going to even make the post season, having to face the rest of their season on the road. See ya suckers!! What October tee-times is Barry setting?

Before this season began, the LA media roasted the Dodgers. They compared them with those red pieces of shit from down south, the Angels in every way imaginable. They compared owners with us. They spoke of how Moreno was a billionaire, and McCourt was a pauper. They spoke glowingly of Bill Stoneman the general manager of the Angels, and they continue to speak poorly of Paul Depodesta, our general manager. They spoke of the big names signed to the Angels, and the cast of losers and psychopaths on the Dodgers.

Tut-fucking-tut. And now a season later, we have the results. They are very revealing, mostly as to how poorly educated the LA media is to how the game of baseball works.

Angels team OPS: 769
Dodgers team OPS: 763
Dodgers team ERA: 4.01
Angels team ERA: 4.32
Dodgers team budget: around 95 million
Angels team budget: around 125 million
Dodger standings as of today: 1st in NL West
Angels standings as of today: 2nd in AL West

This the Dodgers accomplished with no big names, unless you count a waining Shawn Green, and enormous salary devoted to broken down players like Todd Hundley, and Paul Shuey, or players playing on other teams like Brian Jordan.

The heralded Angels also suspended without pay Jose Guillen, hot head extraordinaire. How is our ethnic minority hot head doing? Fantastic, thanks for asking. Milton Bradley is playing wonderfully. So much for the much heralded managing of players by Mike Scoscia.

This year was very hard to watch and stand. The team had many ups and downs, and last week was an enormous downer.

The week after this one, will be the most dramatic of ups and downs. Too bad, the media darling Angels won't be there to share it with us.

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