Saturday, October 09, 2004

We Did It.

Thanks Shawn. All is forgiven. Now let's win tomorrow. The streak of consecutive playoff game losses is finally over. And if there is a game five, who shall pitch it? Alvarez? Choi?
Ok, This is IT

I want to win today. Do I think we will advance? No. I have never believed this team is capable of winning the division series, you can look back at previous blog entries to confirm that. Despite that fact, I want ONE VICTORY. Why? Because since 1988, since before I regularly followed baseball on television, since before I had hair DOWN THERE, the Dodgers have never won a post season game. And I'd like to see that, in a fully conscious state. I do remember the 1988 World Series, but only just barely. I was a mere 9 years old. I had other things on my mind, like what episode of He-Man was on tomorrow, and why do I feel so weird when I tug on my thingy DOWN THERE? So it was a strange time for me.

Give us a win Lima.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Possible Future Headlines

Cardinals Sweep Dodgers In Three....Moneyball Method Doesn't Work....Satan Wins Longstanding Feud with God....Dogs and Cats Sign Truce....Blog Writer Sets Self On Fire for Home Team...
I think

Weaver will win today. Really.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Suicide Approaching

We have just lost the first game of the series. We need to win the second game. If we don't win this game, it's over. I declare it thus, because I am the pre-eminent baseball expert on the West Coast.

I just want one fucking victory God. Please just one. We haven't won in the post season since 1988. Just give me a victory. Please Jesus. Just one. I will build ten temples in your honor if we win the series, but I'll be satisfied with one victory. Please.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Meaningless Stats

Since the addition of the Division series in 1995, the team with the worse record has advanced 20 out of 36 times. Only in one division series did two teams with identical records play each other. Only in 15 division series match ups, did the team with the better record advance. Probably in a larger sample size, the odds would look more like 50/50. As it stands, the Dodgers seem to have a 56 percent chance of winning the series.
Just a Moment

If Gary Sheffield wins the AL MVP over Vlad Guerrero, I might have to assassinate a New York sports writer. The NYC bias in sports would be at its zenith.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

It was the Greatest...

It was probably my greatest LIVE sporting events moment in my short life. Perhaps more importantly, it was probably the greatest career moment of the Dodgers' General Manager.

It was a total, complete, vindication of his trade. Hee Seop Choi walking a run in. And then Steve Finley ending the season in such a decisive fashion. The Los Angeles Times, specifically Bill Plashke, and T.J. Simers have egg on their faces. They'll never admit it, but they were wrong.

Many fans doubted. I was one of them, but I'd like to think I wasn't too melodramatic. I'll have to look back at my blog entries to remember.

I've just spent sixty some odd dollars buying Dodger NL West Championship T-shirts. I hope I get to buy NL Division Championship Series Winners T-shirts, and NL Pennant Championship T-shirts, and World Series Championship T-shirts as well. It's money well spent.

This was a season to remember, mostly because of the struggles, struggles that continued up until the very moment of Steve Finley's grand slam. I've lost weight, grown an ulcer, garnered testicle cancer. It was very stressful.

And all against the Giants no less! The Halloween pricks from up north! As soon as we won the game on Saturday, local Dodger fans proceeded to kick the living shit out of some kid in a Giants uniform. The entire section joined in, not myself of course since I'm one of the good people, and delivered a flurry of kicks to that young foolish man's kidney's and joints. All in good fun. The charm of this city.

Let's beat the Giants today, and end their season once and for all. But I just can't get too hyped up for this game; I'm spent.

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