Thursday, October 21, 2004

I think Dave Roberts won that Trade

Congrats to the Boston Red Sox on their win of the American League Pennant. I'd also like to congratulate Pedro Martinez on his earning of a six year, 15 million dollar per year contract on the Yankees next season. Also congratulations have to go out to Randy Johnson for earning the Pin Stripes, and as many extensions on his contract as he sees fit. Congratulations too, to Carlos Beltran for earning a roster spot on the Yankees outfield for the 2005 season, at 14 million dollars per year, and congratulations to Adrian Beltre, the 2005 starting third baseman for the New York Yankees on your 16 million per year over seven years contract. It's going to be an exciting NL East next season!

I have a personal opinion on who is responsible for the Yankees' loss this year. Brian Cashman, GM of the Yankees should be fired, post haste. The Kevin Brown deal was absolutely terrible. Brown's career is over, and he has a terrible attitude as well as chronic health issues. If Cashman is GM next year it will be a shocker. Expect Steinbrenner to assume GM duties himself.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I think I want the Yankees to Win

My biggest problem with Boston is the complete lack of hot chicks in the city. During this playoff series, whenever they scanned the crowd for hot chicks at Fenway, there were none. I went to college in Boston and I can tell you why. Remember that fat girl you knew back in the day who ran around drinking as much as you did? That's all that's in that city. Every goddamn time I went to a bar, there they were, looking all puffy in their sweatshirts, sweatpants, and baseball caps, knocking them back and yelling, "oh yeah, I can totally drink a wicked lot!" Absolutely fucking disgusting.

And I can't wait to see the absolute look of horror on their faces when the Yankees defeat them in game 7. I pray that they cut to some bar near Fenway, like Jillian's, and show a bunch of yuppie idiots weeping hysterically, as soon as the game is over. Fantastic.

The best part will come in the offseason. This part is guaranteed. Steinbrenner will have Pedro in pinstripes. And Randy Johnson as well.

Of course the Yankees will lose the world series. It's becoming a habit. Expect Kevin Brown to last two innings on Wednesday.

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