Saturday, October 30, 2004

Another World Series...

Over and Done with. Whenever the season ends, I always feel the same way I felt when I beat a Nintendo game. That was fun. Now what the fuck did I win? Amidst the scrolling credits of Japanese programmers, with bizarre English nicknames, I felt a hollow sense of "how much of my life did I waste?" I feel that now.

The Red Sox series against the Cardinals was one of the most boring World Series I have ever watched. The Cardinals were almost uniformly awful. At least one of them should sacrifice himself to the Gods for the fucking pathetic display, to absolve that team. If a new curse began for the Cardinals, it was the "CURSE OF PLAYING LIKE SHIT", and it should last for 200 years, and St. Louis can become the city of hideousness that Boston is. Cold, with bad food.

Now that I'm switching brain medications, I'm prone to sudden rage, and there were a few things about the Red Sox celebration that made me nuts. But the biggest of them all was Jimmy Fallon, on the field, making out with some supermodel hussy.

I don't even know if Jimmy Fallon is from Boston, though he plays a Bostoner on TV, but I know one thing for sure. There is no way that faggot watched Red Sox games as a kid. We all know that Fallon was a drama kid in high school, and college if he went. The drama kids were for the most part gay, and for the most part melodramatic. They HATED the jocks, and the normal crowd with a passion. They wore lipstick to class, probably listened to Madonna, and wore capes, and talked loudly in British accents. Fallon adopted that working class Red Sox fan bullshit when he moved to New York. If I was from Boston, and I was an Irish working class, "T" Driver, I'd see that skinny dipshit, whose first movie tanked at the box office, that guy who went on a New York show to make fun of people from Boston, and I would hate him forever. I would tell all my working class thick accented buddies to hate Fallon too. And then it would spread through the US, and soon his career would be over. Just like Joe Piscopo. I bet Joe Piscopo made out during a Yankees game with a supermodel during the 1980 playoffs or something and they caught it on camera. We can do that here folks.

Oh yeah, the names on the back issue that McCourt is doing. I can see where he's coming from, but it's pretty stupid nonetheless. He's obviously trying to make the Dodgers be the next big team, after the Red Sox and the Yankees. Big teams don't need names, everyone knows them. That's a possibility, but the Dodgers need to have good players that everyone knows for that to happen, and they have to win a lot of World Series for that to happen. The only big name on our team that is known nationally is Gagne. Beltre is still pretty unknown, and Green is basically a nobody once again. McCourt also fails to understand that the average person going to a Dodger game is an idiot, not a fan, and has no idea who is playing. That is the person for whom we put the name tag on for. Not the real fans.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Trade Werth NOW

Dodgers.com updated today with an article about Werth and a torn ligament in his arm. Before I begin my rant, I'd just like to state how odd it is that the MLB's coverage of the Dodgers is FAR, FAR superior to the LA Times. You would think the MLB would muzzle reporters and censor them, and they probably do, but nowhere to the extent the LA Times' reporters are. Or at least the MLB reporters don't have enormous chips on their shoulders, and do anything in their power to report only stories they see fit to report, rather than the health of players and trade rumors.

Werth is starting to look like a Dreifort clone. Though he sparkled in 2004, he strained his quadriceps early in the season and required over a month of disabled list time, and a minor league rehab before he was ready to return. He also broke a rib, which he said hindered his ability to run, and now he will throw about as well as Luis Gonzalez did. I have no doubt about Cesar Izturis' ability to play an incredibly deep short stop so Werth can hand him the ball after he fields a play, but I think we should trade Werth while we can. Bradley is untradeable, because of his behavior, and Choi is as well because of his poor play. We need a catcher, and there has to be a market out there for a cheap, young, talented outfielder, in exchange for a catcher. Because outfield isn't too specialized a position, the market is always larger for outfielders. This makes Werth expendable. Before we sign him to a multi-year deal we should take into account his injury history. It is significant. Remember, he can't play catcher anymore because of a bad knee. That's four different body parts he has that are brittle, at last count. This guy is not going to have a long career. Let's find a schmuck team to take him as a hand grenade. I'm thinking Yankees.

Cards are down two games. Go CARDS!! As a television viewer I just love the look Boston fans get when they see their team collapse. Just wondrous.

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