Thursday, November 04, 2004

Slowing Down

A personal aside--I will be posting through the middle of December, at most, once a week. I am getting very busy, the Dodgers are in the offseason, and the Lakers are pretty much a joke. I have yet to see a Lakers game, but I hope to catch one this weekend. From what I have read in the paper, they are playing like shit, so it will be undoubtedly hard to watch. And of course Miami is doing quite well. What an embarrassment. Thanks Kobe. Yet most Lakers fans live in the fantasy world that Kobe is the most popular player in the NBA, and can lead a team to a championship. The reality is that Kobe is the most hated player in professional sports in most of America, outside of OJ, and the Lakers will be lucky to squeak by this year for a playoff spot.

In my spare time I have been looking at the Dodgers, and what they could potentially do this offseason. I have read the SEC filing for the purchase of the Dodgers, and I believe that McCourt can comfortably have a 100 million dollar budget for eternity, and even with his financial set up, make a comfortable profit, pay off loans and debt, and run the team. But until Shawn Green's, and Darren Dreifort's salary is off the books, the Dodgers will never contend past the first round. Fortunately, we have enough wiggle room to improve slightly upon last year, and the other teams in the NL West are complete jokes, which will enable us to win the division handily. The fact remains, the 2004 Dodgers were a shit team, that just happened to be marginally better than their competitors in the division. The 2005 Dodgers will be better slightly than the 2004 team, with much improved pitching, and a slightly improved offense. Only luck will get us past the first round, but hopefully a stronger record will get us home field advantage.

See you in a week or so.

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