Thursday, December 16, 2004

Night of the Long Knives

Well at least we signed Jim Tracy. Phew.
What an Embarrassment

I'm still not going to update the blog until this weekend.

We lost Beltre. We lost Beltre. We lost Beltre.

To the Mariners. Wow, the team will cruise to fourth place with its powerful offense of Beltre and Boone. Awesome. And that singles hitter, the one with the highlights in his hair. Cool.

DePodesta and the McCourts have done it again. Their reign is an unmitigated disaster. The MacBeths are a dogshit family. They have sold out the fans. Their highly mortgaged future is to be destroyed. Good luck filling the seats when no one gives a damn. There is no way this team will have good revenue next year with Beltre gone. Even if we are in first place. I can't believe we replaced Beltre with a washed up Giant. Wake me up, I'm still dreaming. I hate this team. There is no God.

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