Wednesday, December 22, 2004

We Signed Drew?

Is DePodesta on the take from Scott Boras? Why the fuck did we sign a guy with bad knees, to a five year deal, for more money per year than we offered Adrian Beltre? That's what the LA Times is saying. This is utter insanity.

Drew is not a good player. Part of being a good player, is BEING ABLE TO PLAY. The guy cannot play. He sits on the bench whining. Chipper Jones called him a pussy. This is our replacement for Green and Beltre?

Oh wait, he's only replacing Green. Beltre is being replaced by a 35 year old who strikes out a lot with some power.

All these trades have not made us better. If, and it's a big if, all these trades come through, we will be about as good as last year. Our pitching for this year is this:

Dessens/Alvarez/Someone from the crowd

People have been razzing me about hating statistical analysis. Folks, I am USING statistical analysis to analyze DePodesta. He's not doing anything right! I don't hate stats, I love them. I hate insanity and DePodesta is a nutso. Let's not start sucking his dick just yet people. We haven't won a world series with him, and he used Dan Evan's team quite well to get to the playoffs. He's not a saint, he's incompentent.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Let's Say We Trade Green

Every media source concerned with baseball says that the Green trade is a go. Ok, then.

Now what? Now batting fourth, right field, number 19, Ricky Ledee! Hopefully not. But DePodesta said that he was basically done with the offense when he was interviewed tonight on KFWB. Did that mean he had signed someone already for right field? The rumor says it is J.D. Drew.

J.D. Drew? The guy who Chipper Jones called a pussy for not playing through the pain? That J.D. Drew? The guy who every other year of his career, he misses at least 50 games? That guy?

Guess what. This is an odd year. That means he's going to miss at least 50 games. Does that replace Green? And Beltre? Giving optimistic homerun totals to the starters DePodesta has signed for next year, including Drew, we find a similar number to the homeruns hit in 2004. This is an improvement?

Doesn't anyone think that a Beltre re-signing, coupled with a Green trade, coupled with the payroll saved, would allow us still to be competitive? Does anyone really believe that there is a competently run team in the NL West? Sabean, GM of the Giants is a moron, who only knows how to give contract extensions to Barry Bonds. The Rockies and D-backs have no idea what is going on. The Padres are a little worrisome, but allegedly we have such a larger budget, that they're no threat. Right?

That's a lot of questions for a team that doesn't start playing until April.
Why did you do that Mommy?

Remember when you were little, and even after you cleaned your room, your mom still held your open hand over an open flame on the stove? No? You don't remember the time you were obeying the traffic signals and a cop still pulled you over and stuck a taser up your rectum? Not that either?

That's what it feels like just happened. What did we do to deserve this?

Some on the Internet, who are all nerds I might add, argue that the Dodgers are following a mathematical philosophy known as sabermetrics that will allow them to radically improve the team. This is why Beltre is being let go, Green is being traded, and Penny is being traded.

There is another philosophy that teams follow. It is called the philosophy of making money. Even though you may think you know that it is necessary to let go your superstar and totally overhaul the roster with unproven talent, you forget that people come to games not for logical reasons. They come because they believe they will catch a foul ball, meet their future spouse, win a chance to play in the outfield for an inning, and meet their favorite player. That will no longer happen for many people. Now, our only superstar is a closer. Nice one.

We could have incrementally changed this team and still kept Beltre. The team would have gone to the playoffs. WE know that it is capable with the 2004 roster of winning the division, so if it had re-signed Beltre, added more pitching and slightly more offensive talent because of the payroll we cleared with Hundley, Shuey, Nomo, Martin, Encarnacion, and Lo Duca gone, we would be ok. But instead we are taking a route totally unproven. For us to make the playoffs now, and replace Beltre's hitting talent the following needs to happen:

Werth must stay healthy all year, and have a career year.
Bradley must stay healthy/sane all year, and have a career year.
We must replace Shawn Green's performance.
Choi must play all year long, and have a career year.
Jeff Kent must stay healthy all year long at age 37.
Izturis plays like Izturis. Ok that is likely.
Jose Valentin at age 35 equals at least 60 percent of Beltre's ability.

That's a lot of ifs. Which is more likely, 80 percent of the 2004 roster with some obvious improvements making the playoffs, or this totally revamped roster dependent on unproven and poor track record talent coming together and making it to the playoffs? Obviously the former.

Teams that get rid of their superstars and rebuild are small market teams. Why should the Dodgers have to let Beltre go with a terrible deal of nine mil per year? Why can't we keep him, trade Green, get a premium catcher like Varitek, get a proven first baseman like Delgado, and get a couple really good starters? Why don't we have the budget at 120 million? We are the Dodgers, we are the second largest media market in America. The Dodgers are not the A's, an underdog team. They are a team that can keep fan favorites, that signs players it developed to long term contracts. Beltre is not Derek Jeter, an overrated overpaid talent we nurtured from the minors as a teenager, he is the NL-MVP runner up at age 25, capable of hitting over 40 homeruns with very good defense. It's not very logical to spend so much money developing something, and then when it succeeds dump it. And what about his ankle injury that makes him a better hitter by pulling back his weight? Another hitter had a similar issue, his name was Ted Williams. Is Beltre a future hall of famer? If he is, it'll be the Mariners retiring his number, not us.

I'm still a fan of this team, but those sausage sandwiches at Angel stadium are tasting really good right now.

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