Wednesday, April 20, 2005

So We're Good Now

It's 2.5 weeks into the season, and I'm going to call us winning the division and being eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. I'm that smart. When the team does well there's really nothing to talk about. The only issue I see is the mishandling of Choi by Tracy. This is proof once again that a 56k BASIC program for managing baseball could replace virtually managers in MLB.

If you haven't seen Sin City, I suggest you do it immediately. It is an intensely violent film, and I laughed through most of it. I'm glad the movement I started 10 years ago is finding new recruits, that is laughing through violent scenes in public movie theaters. It's why I would never see a violent film with a woman I'm trying to lay lest she think me a psychopath. Or at least a violent psychopath rather than the gentle psychopath I really am.

My biggest worry with the Dodgers is starting pitching. Scott Erickson is the white Nomo, velocity in the low 80s, winning games largely by luck. I thoroughly expect him to be released within two weeks. We have nothing to replace him, nothing in AAA, Dessens is injured, Penny is replacing Dessens. We've got tons of prospects in AAA and AA that can hit, I say toss one of those for some average starting pitching. Or pray that Alvarez gets better. We'll see. Expect an update in a week or so.

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