Thursday, May 19, 2005

I think we just might be fucked

Haven't written a new entry recently. I'm looking for a job. No, I don't want you to hire me, I know you're chomping at the bit, but I plan on leaving the country as I mentioned before, and so many of you live in this shithole, which is a place I plan on escaping.

So the Dodgers are in third. Do I feel betrayed? Ummmmmmm, yes. Is it the Dodgers' right to be in first place as befits a large market team? You bet. The Dodgers from the late 1940s, to the mid 1990s were the second most popular team in America after the Yankees. They started this campaign of stardom by using the clever PR move of hiring a black infielder, continued it by being championship contenders very often. What is the sign of a popular great team? The sign is how many overrated players it has that everyone talks about. Drysdale, Garvey, Herschiser, Valenzuela, even Koufax and Robinson, all overrated. Yet on the lips of everyone in America. Koufax had just six great seasons, Drysdale is a weak Hall of Famer with a short career, and if Robinson had played in any era but the end of segregation, no way in hell would he be in the Hall. Players used to get into the Hall on the basis of being Dodgers. The next real Dodger to go in will be Piazza, and I can assure you he will be in as a Met, not a Dodger. We have been eclipsed in power by several teams, most notably the Red Sox. It's quite an embarassment.

The Dodgers should be in the market for at least two starters. Erickson should not be on the team. We should dump shit like Edwin Jackson and Greg Miller for a league average starter. Cost should not be an issue. We should regularly have a budget shadowing the salary cap. The fact that we have a third base and left field made up of a hodge podge of career minor leaguers is wrong. The fact that we, every year commit to trying to resurrect the broken career of some old man in our starting pitching is wrong. Erickson has Lisa Guerrero. I have nothing but hope that the Dodgers will win. Who deserves a second chance, me or him? And to top it all off, after a shit outing, he bags on his defense. If that's not asking for a release I don't know what is.

We are in deep shit. Weaver has pitched 3000 innings the last few years and his shoulder is about to bust. Tracy should NEVER pitch him beyond the sixth inning, or beyond 100 pitches. Perez who is injury prone as well should follow the same route. Erickson needs to be released now, and replaced with whatever we have doing well in Vegas, probably Pat Mahomes. Lowe is so-so, but we are told he must be our star pitcher so we're stuck with him. Penny, we'll have to hope gets better, and his arm doesn't explode.

Who do we trade to get starting pitching? Trade the minor league system for now. It is devoid of talent at the AAA level. Jackson is so highly touted, fool another GM into chomping on that bait. We have nothing that can hit at AAA either. As soon as Werth gets healthy, trade his ass too, he has Dreifort written allover him.

I'm kinda glad the Dodgers are doing poorly because it gives me stuff to write about. Of course it is worse for my mental health, but whatever. Later gators.

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